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whats your wedding budget? and what was your biggest splurge?

I was just reading how the avg cost of weddings very from state to state. So Im just curious to know

Re: whats your wedding budget? and what was your biggest splurge?

  • Mine is 15,000 my biggest splurge was my flowers and photographer.
  • Our budget is 20k - we are still in the early stages of planning. Right now our biggest splurge is looking to be venue/reception and that took over half of our budget.
  • I was a budget bride. we had wedding under 5g's. biggest splurge was videographer which, in hind sight, wish i would've put that money in the photographer.

    Things I WISH i had being on a budget:
    A venue strictly for receptions
    this dress:


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  • We too have decided to pull off a budget wedding and I've literally found everything to make it work on a budget of $3,500. Our biggest splurge is venue/decor.
  • Can you ladies share how you were able to keep it at the amount you set? Just last week FI said we might have to increase our budget. HUH? WHY? Grrrr!

    Our venue/reception is the biggest - but still haven't gotten amounts for décor.

  • We are spending some pillsbury boy dough on this wedding.  The splurge is the design for the wedding (flowers, tent, decor, lighting). That's all I am going to say.  

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  • @slmshay‌ we found an all inclusive venue (that lets us bring our own food) so decor etc (I wanted to make my own centerpieces) was included in it! There are lots of places that allow a la carte options so if something they're adding costs too much, take it out and make it a DIY project.
  • We are planning a budget of 5k, however that will include ceremony, reception and honeymoon if we go with the destination wedding cruise to Jamaica and the Cayman Islands. I will splurge on a videographer.
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    @slimshay - I DIY'd pretty much everything i could. Also, micheals 50% coupons were my BFF for 6 months. Look on your local craigslist for any usable items. Some brides just wanna unload their stuff.
    If I could break it down, I would, but basically, I got DIY'd my head table draping with fabric from thrift store ( total of about $10 on half off days), xmas lights on clearance. My centerpieces I found at a local 2nd hand bride store for $40. My shoes were on clearance at Macys for $10. My MIL altered the jacket my dress came with and made a purse and ring pillow out of it. Candle's I got from craigslist for $30. My dress I found at a bridal store that had a backroom FULL of prior 'models' and i got for $300 (althought alterations cost me $160- i was PIZZZZZED), my venue was a banquet room in the back of a restaurant which I SEEKED out. The only thing i did splurge on was the videographer which i really wish i would have put into the photographer. (my cousin did our wedding pics and they kind of suck). After the wedding, we were able to resell a lot of it and recoup that money back. And we bought a groupon for a vegas vow renewel for $100 so we could spend new years in Vegas and celebrate with his family (alot of the stuff we reused for vow renewel and our own clothes). @travelfifty all this for $5000!!!

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  • maybe my files are too big? only letting me post 1 pic at a time. also, we had our good friend officiate the wedding. $5 to do online and $10 to register with state. we bought her dress.

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  • Biggest splurges: Video and photos and I'm sooooo glad we did
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  • @footballwife77 - OK! You did that...thanks for the break down! Nice pictures!

    @Msdweaver - We are looking for an all inclusive venue that is so FAR away from the city. We have a couple visits lined up for the next two weeks.

    Thank you ladies.

  • @slmshay I understand your struggle because my people are going to have to travel to Covington from Atlanta (45 mins) just to come! I didn't want to be that inconvenient, but if they love me then they'll be there! We're a young couple pulling this off by ourselves so we had to make necessary
  • the biggest splurge was the photographer and paying to move the cocktail hour outside (so extra table chairs, and band)

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  • Biggest splurge so far has been on our jewelry. We went over our budget for wedding bands, but we will have them forever so I have no regrets.
  • Thanks football wife77, thanks for confirming that $5k is doable.  
  • 30ish because that could go up.
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