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Wedding Hair and Beauty

Bridal Party/Family Hair and Makeup

I had originally wanted to have the bridal party, our mothers and the grooms sisters go to the salon to get their hair and makeup done prior to the wedding (I am paying), but the salon told me that they would not be able to accommodate everyone for their makeup, just hair. Do people in bridal parties normally get their makeup done too or just hair? I don't know if it is normal to have everyone have their hair done then go back to the hotel to do their makeup, but I've never been in a wedding. 

Re: Bridal Party/Family Hair and Makeup

  • It can be done either way. The rule is generally that if you are indicating how it must be done, then you should be providing it (and that this is not part of their gift). The last few weddings I was in, the make-up artist was provided by the bride, but not the hair. Though, hair appointments were available. It's really up to you if you'd like to provide hair and not make-up. The girls could easily find another salon (perhaps you can make suggestions) if they'd like their make-up professionally done, or they'd have the option to do it themselves. Another option would be to hire a seperate artist to come in while you are getting ready, but this depends on your timeline and if that's even feasible.
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  • In my circle, it's completely normal for bridal party members to do their own makeup (it's even normal for them to do their hair AND makeup). 

    At my best friend's wedding, the bride asked that we arrive at her bridal suite at a particular time with our hair done (whether we did it ourselves or had it done was up to us). While the makeup artist did the bride's makeup, the bridesmaids did their own. It worked out very well. :)
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    I paid for my mom and bridal party to get their hair done. My salon only has one make up artist so there was no way that everyone could get their make up done. I paid for them to get their nails done while my make up was being done so they weren't just sitting around waiting on me, but it would be perfectly ok to only pay for them to get their hair done and nothing else. 
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    I asked them in advance who would want hair and makeup professionally done - a couple got both, a few got one or the other, and one had neither.  I paid for whoever wanted whatever.
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  • I put out the offer to my bridal party, the mom's and sister's if they wanted to come & get their hair done. I couldn't afford to pay for everyone so I let them know the price upfront for hair & makeup. Not everyone wanted to get makeup done. Like our mom's only do blush & lipstick. Two of my BM just opted to meet us at the church already done up. When it was all said and done, out of the 7 of us that ended up having our hair done at the salon, I was the only one that had my makeup done there. Ask the people you would want to extend the offer to casually if they had the choice, would they want their makeup done professionally or to do it just themselves. You may fall within the amount of people that the salon can accomodate.
  • I recently booked my hair appointment for my wedding and when I did, I booked appointments for the bridal party as well (for me, it was easier to have to cancel an appointment than risk the space not being available as we get closer to the date). After booking, I sent an e-mail to the bridal party letting them know where I was getting my hair done and that I had booked appointments for everyone IF they wanted to get their hair professionally done/done at this particular salon. I told them from the beginning that I was not fussy about their hair - they could have it professionally done, they could do it themselves. As it turns out, nobody was planning on doing their own hair and since all but one are coming from out of town, they were happy to keep the bookings. The salon we are going to also does make up, and two of the bridesmaids asked me to include that in their bookings - so I did. Their hair appointments are the earliest and followed by make up appointments while the rest of us have our hair done. My MOH and myself will be doing our make up back at the hotel after our hair appointment.


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  • Totally normal to not offer makeup to the bridal party. I offered hair to everyone (and paid for it), and then offered makeup to just my mom. I let the bridesmaids know there'd be a makeup artist in the bridal suite if they wanted to use her (but that it would cost $XX). I actually don't think I've ever been in a wedding where the bride covered my makeup, but my hair has always been covered. (But I wouldn't judge if it wasn't.)
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