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Guestlist Excel spreadsheet template question (easy!)


I would just like to know what the A/B column is for please?

Many thanks


Re: Guestlist Excel spreadsheet template question (easy!)

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    Hi @Knottie54384434,

    The function of the A/B List feature in The Knot Guest List Manager is to help you decide who makes the *final cut* for your big celebration. A-list people are those that you are definitely going to invite. B-list people are those you're unsure about, for whatever reason. It's usually easiest to include everyone you'd like to invite on your initial guest list, and then make cuts as you determine your space and budget limitations.

    (Note to members lurking-- this is strictly for organizational purposes, not encouraging a list of invites to send after the RSVPs are received from "A-list" ;)  )

    If you have anymore questions please let me know!

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    Ahhh! I see. Thanks very much. 
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