Georgetown Stables?

Hey everyone!

I am getting married sometime next fall and have been looking at Georgetown Stables.  Anyone have any experience with them? The girls who work there seem really great and the lack of crazy restrictions and fees is nice.  They say it can hold 200 people - Ill be having 100-115 - though the venue seems small. Just curious if anyone has been to or had their wedding there before! My one requirement for a venue is one that will allow me to do the food truck thing.  Thanks!

Re: Georgetown Stables?

  • My daughter looked at it, but ended up going with Pike Place Market, which was great, but no food truck because stairs.
    I think the stables are a very cool venue, loved the courtyard. I've been to a party there, but not a wedding. Plenty of room for 100. Maybe the Georgetown Ballroom might be an option, if the size is a concern.  
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