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since we're slow, Buffy on the topic of thanksgiving

So, last night, she told me what she learned about thanksgiving.  Which is basically that 'in England there was a king who was MEAN to the pilgrims.  so they came here"--which, eh, works for now.  (I did add a little clarifying information about people believe differently and religion being the root of being mean.  I declined to make her little head explode by explaining that she and I attend the mean king's church...although it was tempting.)

She then told me the most important thing was to be thankful.  Yay morals.
And then she told me that Evan Smith (No idea what the kid's name was, the kids at school exist in a blur) has a sister who is most thankful for "CARROTS--isn't that silly? *cue hysterical 4 year old laughing)
I agreed and mentioned all the stuff we're thankful for--platitude generalities-family, friends, pets, house, food, etc.  And asked what she was most thankful for.

"Cottage Cheese"

OK kid, as long as it's nothing silly like CARROTS.

Re: since we're slow, Buffy on the topic of thanksgiving

  • who puts God on their turkey?

    I mean, grown ups/teenagers/etc, sure, but what kid?
    But really, the pom-poms on her snow boots rate higher in coolness at this point
  • DS did a similar thing to Heffa's DD. His were Rescue Bot Transformers, my mom and dad, my toys, Optimus Prime, and food. I was pretty happy I at least got a mention. Last year, they did a jar with pieces of paper where the teacher wrote down what they were thankful for. DD (who wasn't born yet) got two mentions and Dusty Crophopper and Lighting McQeen got 2 apiece. My parents were mentioned. DH and I- nothing.
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