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I need this dress!!

It is Simone Carvalli #7124 from 2009!  There is nothing like it anywhere...I have searched preowned and everything.  My last resort is a cheap made in china version...what do I do??


Re: I need this dress!!

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    I'm sorry to say what you don't want to hear, but you move on. You find a different dress you love. Have you even tried this one on? You could hate how it looks on you.

    I guess you could take pictures to a true seamstress and have it remade.
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    Don't buy a knockoff. What you get will be nothing like the real dress.

    Unless you've tried on this dress, you can't really know that it's right for you. I suggest that you write down what it is that you like about this dress, then go to a bridal store and try on dresses with those features, but also be open to trying different styles.
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    Have you ever actually tried on this dress?
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    paimboeuf said:
    Maybe you can try to find it on this site : ZDSHE.COM

    @buttercup1958 this link is a knockoff site
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    I am going to ask the same question a few other posters have posed...have you actually tried this dress on?  I am going to go out on a limb here and say no since this dress is from a 2009 collection.

    So you now need to move on.  Take a picture of this dress with you when you go shopping and ask your consultants to pull things that are similar.  Pick 2-3 details about the dress that you truly love and look for those details in other dresses.

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    Don't buy a knockoff. You'll likely be very disappointed in the quality. 

    You really won't know how a dress looks on you until you try it on. I had a very clear idea of what I wanted before I tried a dress on. And once I got that style on me, I hated it! I ended with with a dress that was extremely different than what I thought I originally wanted. 

    Take that pictures to a bridal salon and see if they have anything similar. But keep an open mind. Once you actually start trying dresses on, you may find something else that you really love. 
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    What's unique about that dress is that neckline. I'd think it would be pretty simple to buy a basic strapless gown that fits/flatters you, and then take it to a seamstress. The seamstress could add the fabric around the waist/bodice and the neckline. You could buy a jeweled belt (there are thousands of them out there) to have the seamstress attach at that height (which is likely a very awkward placement--you should be able to work with the seamstress to find the most flattering location on you. 

    You can likely get a basic strapless dress for $500, spend $100 on a belt, $100 of fancy fabric, and have a few hundred dollars for the seamstress, for the price of buying that dress. 
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    Thank you for the feedback.  It is what I expected...china is not a safe bet at all.  I just LOVE the neck line on this dress...maybe taking it to a seamstress is the way to go!  Thanks ladies!

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