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XP : Budget Friendly but modern Invites?

Hi guys,

Looking to spend around $200-$300 for 60 invites & response cards (including tax, shipping, envelopes, etc) -- everyone I knew suggested Vistaprint but the designs are just not working for me. I've looked at Minted and Wedding Paper Divas which have a lot more designs my style but it's just pricing too high. Some examples of what I've liked so far : 

Are there any other sites or physical shops I should look into, or any coupons/black friday deals going on? Or is my budget just too small. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!!

Re: XP : Budget Friendly but modern Invites?

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    We did over 100 invites for $50 using Michael's template invites. They come in boxes of 30 or so. You can get 40 or 50% off coupons on your phone. Most of the sets come with the RSVP cards and envelopes. Most craft stores should have them.

    The catch is that you print and assemble them yourself. This was easy and actually pretty fun for us. We threw on music and opened a bottle of wine. A really fun memory.

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    Look on Etsy. A lot of sellers will sell you just the PDF files of your invites. Then you just have to get them printed. 

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    We ended up really liking ones from David's Bridal; they were reasonably priced. We were also looking The American Wedding. They were cheaper and they weren't bad at all and we were going to order from them before we saw the ones on DB.

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    I'm pretty sure Vistaprint also has a graphic designer option, where you pay a certain fee for them to design what you want and then print that way.  Or do an Etsy person and buy their file and print yourself (or through another printing site)
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    Call a local printer.  They may be able to help.  The letterpress that did my wedding invitations closed in between the time I ordered invites and when I needed to get menus and programs.  My local printer, a place called Brainstorm in Indianapolis, made an exact copy of the layout of the invitation, did around 130 menus and programs, and I think I paid something like $90 for everything.  It was an insanely good deal.  Since they're local, perhaps they were just happy to have the business?

    Anyway, ask a local printer what they can do to help.  Heck, even call Brainstorm in Indianapolis.  They'll have to charge you to ship your order, but if they could print 260 things for me for less than $100, surely they could help you?  The art guy there is Matt.
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    @southernbelle0915 that sounds so sweet! i'm a little hesitant to DIY because i'm terribad at anything creative (no patience and poor coordination, lol), but its definitely an option if i can't find any i like to order

    @kat1114 and @ kvruns i took a look at etsy and got totally overwhelmed by the amount of choices! i'm not super familiar with etsy but i didnt really find an easy way to sort by syle either.. any recommendation on sellers? 

    i actually just got theamericanwedding catalogue in the mail so that's the one I'm checking out now -- some of the DB invitations were really sweet looking but not matching our style so much.

    Thanks very much for your help BTW ladies, it's so appreciated! 
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    I totally second Etsy for the pdf file then getting them printed! I know it's super overwhelming because there's so much to choose from but it's worth the search! I went with NewBorrowedandBlue. She actually designed our save the dates too!! Was amazing to work with (I had to be annoying lol!) And it was only $35 for the invitation and RSVP pdf. 

    We went with a postcard RSVP to save some money. I found a Vistaprint groupon and got 100 invitations and 100 postcards for $74! Bought two packs of Kraft envelopes eith a coupon at Michaels so that was $10. I did a little extra and got mini moo cards so that was an additional $20 & I got a huge roll of twiene forever ago for like $8 to use toward wedding things but that's it! 

    Of course I'm biased but I think they came out AWESOME. :)

    So I say your budget is doable for sure!! Plus the style you like should be easy for someone to create for you!
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    Another bride suggest exclusivelyweddings.com to me. My wedding is still too far so I haven't ordered mine but I did get some free samples for fun & they are good quality. I really wanted pocket invitations and they have them at a reasonable price. Good luck!
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    We bought print-it-yourself wedding invitations from Joann's made by Wilton for 50% off during a great coupon sale.  We could use four coupons at a time, and our invitations came out to $12.49 for 25 plus the cost of printing.  I wanted to go with something pre-printed, but they were just too expensive.  The ones we chose have pockets and multiple inserts, which is really fun.
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    I registered on a bunch of web sites so from time to time I get coupons emailed to me. Invitations by Dawn seems to offer discounts pretty regularly and sometimes VistaPrint offers coupon codes. I haven't looked on Etsy but that seems like it might be a good route to take!
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