Looking for creative wine names for favors

We plan to give mini bottles of wine for favors and are looking for some creative names for the different varieties. We have pear, grape, sand plum, blackberry, pomegranate, pineapple and mulberry. Hoping to tie in love, wedding or marriage theme into the names...Example "Scott and Amy - the perfect pear" or "pineapple of my eye." Any ideas?!

Re: Looking for creative wine names for favors

  • Not to.  Cutesy names are ad nauseam.  A nice monogram or something related to your wedding, the date, etc. and what it is.  I like blackberry wine.  I don't really want "I picked this berry bc I love you baby wine."
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    Eh. I'm with @atlastmrsg. I'd rather just know what kind of wine it is and not have to figure it out by deciphering a cutesy phrase. 
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    We gave bottles of wine as our favors. They just said "Thank you for sharing our special day" on the labels and had our names and the date on them. 
  • Meh on the cutesy names.  If you're giving me something edible, I don't want to have to hire a cryptographer to decipher what I'm about to eat or drink.  Also, depending on what the bottles look like something cutesy doesn't necessarily clue me in to it being fruit wine instead of something else edible/drinkable.
  • Aww I think that is cute. But I do see what others are saying, maybe something more like

    Scott & Amy's Private ___________ Blend (insert flavor)
    Bottled in 2015

    then maybe something cute like
    "Gets better with age" or  "Eat, drink and be married"

  • DH and I make our own wine and have for years. We just designed a custom label with a picture of our two beagles from our engagement photos. We also put the type of wine (pinot noir), and said "Thanks for attending name and name's wedding" as well as our wedding date.

    I don't think it will hurt anyone if you put cute sayings on the label, but it also isn't necessary. I definitively would not stress out about this.
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