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April 2015 Weddings

Time Flies

Less than five months to go!

How is everyone's planning going? What are you most concerned about for your big day? Do you have any DIY projects you have finished?
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Re: Time Flies

  • Planning is getting there. I am making a lot of decorations even though my venue provides a lot. As for the most concerning thing I will think it has to be if it will rain or not. Living in Florida April has a high possibility of rain. Fingers crossed for if it does it is just a quick shower..
  • I understand what you mean! I'm from Kansas, so it could either be 30 degrees that day, or 80... You just never know!
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  • theycallmelinztheycallmelinz Georgia member
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    Same here as far as weather concerns. I'm thinking maybe it'll be warm, but of course with rain you never know until the day of. I think we're doing okay with planning but things keep popping up that I didn't consider or budget for. I wish someone had a master checklist of every single thing you need to have the ceremony/be a good hostess that I could use to check things off of lol

  • Agreed! I'm using the budget tool on WW (Probably shouldn't mention that here... oops.. I picked it because it originally budgeted more money for my dress ;)!!) But I feel like I'm missing a few things on the list that I'll need money for! I'm glad I decided to get married in a small town, everything is less expensive... Right now I'm trying to figure out what to do for the rehearsal dinner and making my bouquets.
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  • One of our biggest concerns was regarding the guest list. In regards to inviting some guest to just the wedding and some to both the wedding and reception and what would be the best way to approach it. After discussing it thoroughly- the guest list is only 35 people above what we were originally going to invite- I figure we will probably have at least 115 at most RSVP because there are a few out of town guest. Therefore we will be inviting them ALL to both the ceremony and reception. At this point I would rather pay the extra $250 or so bucks and not have to deal with attitudes and confusion on who was invited to what!
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