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What will I be spending time on the weekend of the wedding?

I started a new job and don't have much vacation time.  I am getting married on a Sunday and am taking Monday off work.  But will I get away with working on Friday?  I definitely can't take off more than that.  If I take Friday off and all the planning has been done, what will I be doing?

Re: What will I be spending time on the weekend of the wedding?

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    I'm getting married on a Friday. I know for me, my attention span and family coming in, I'll be done by Wednesday. So I'll take wed/Thurs off.

    You just do whatever you need to do. And you'll be relaxing, last minute stuff, maybe meeting with incoming family. You'll do whatever you want to do. I'm sure you can fill 24hrs two days before your wedding :) or work on Friday and just take off Monday. Its not that big of a deal, honestly.

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    If you plan well enough, you won't have to do jack but relax. 

    I didn't have to do anything the week of my wedding except e-mail the venue the final seating chart.
    Since you have Saturday to presumably pack some bags for the wedding night, get a manicure, get the RD going.... No need to take off Friday.

    If you have DIY projects, plan to complete them systematically so you're not rushing a few days prior.  

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    I only took the day before off, mostly because we wanted to go climbing that day. I didn't really have too much to do.
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    I planned to work the whole week leading up to the wedding (we also got married on a Sunday).  My employers actually ended up giving me a paid day off on Friday as a wedding gift to take care of "last minute details".  I ended up spending it alone with a bottle of wine and a plate of nachos, watching my trashy TV shows....I figured it was my last moment of "me" time before all the craziness.

    You'll be fine.  At that point, it's best to have the mindset of "what's done is done; what's not, fuck it".  It'll all be fabulous the day of, because you're marrying your best friend  :)

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    I only took the day before off for my wedding.  I think I left early on Thursday just because, but I really didn't need to.  The only things I did the day before my wedding was get a mani/pedi, finish up the seating chart (just had to put it together, everything was already printed and cut...took about 15 minutes), put together my day of bag and attend my rehearsal and RD.

    But like a PP noted, since you will have all day Saturday to get last minute things done then you really don't need to take off work at all.

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    I took the Thursday and Friday off before my Saturday wedding. I really didn't have that much to do on the Thursday, and I really only took the day off because I had vacation time saved and didn't feel like working.

    If I had a Sunday wedding, I probably wouldn't have taken Thursday or Friday off.
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    I only took the day before my wedding off. I got a mani/pedi, took some stuff to the venue, packed my overnight bag, had dinner with DH and my MOH, and checked to make sure the ladies setting up the venue didn't need anything. I really probably didn't even need the whole day off.
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    I had the whole week off because the boat I worked on goes in the boatyard during that time every year.  Wedding or not, I would be out of work during that time.

    I spent that week socializing and having a good time. I had random stuff like doing OOT bags, getting a mani/pedi and getting stuff to the venue. None of that took a lot of time. 

     For the most part I was hanging out with family and friends.

    What differentiates an average host and a great host is anticipating unexpressed needs and wants of their guests.  Just because the want/need is not expressed, doesn't mean it wouldn't be appreciated. 
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    Awesome! Thanks for all the feedback.  I have been doing pretty well, getting all my DIY stuff done now (wedding not until April).  I didn't think I needed a bunch of time off before and you guys confirmed it! Thanks so much, very helpful
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