Deposit/reservation at Shady Elms Farm for sale

edited January 2015 in Pennsylvania-Pittsburgh
My fiancé and I put a deposit down at Shady Elms Farm in Hickory, PA and we are no longer able to use the day (08/15/15, though I am able to transfer it to another available day for a fee that I am willing to cover). The deposit was non-refundable and we are willing to sell the date for less than the vendor will require for you to book the day through them. Let me know if you are interested!

Re: Deposit/reservation at Shady Elms Farm for sale

  • Did you check your contract to be sure you can do this? If there is no fine print on your contact, do you have written consent from the venue that they will honor a transfer on the deposit? Also, how much are you selling it for?
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