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Sound-off: Weddings around the holidays

Hey Knotties!
What are your thoughts on people having weddings on a holiday or holiday weekend? Do you think it's rude or just potentially inconvenient? 

Let us know what you think! :)

Re: Sound-off: Weddings around the holidays

  • For me, it depends on how close I am to that person and whether or not the wedding is local. If I have to travel, I'd likely only spend my long weekend attending the wedding of someone I'm very close to. But a local wedding on a holiday weekend wouldn't bother me as much -- and, in fact, I'm attending one on Memorial Day weekend next year! 

    Weddings on the actual holiday are not cool, though. I want to spend my day actually celebrating the holiday. 
  • I think it really depends on the holiday. 

    Valentines Day, Easter, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve&Day would all be a no for me.

    I'm going to a wedding Labor day weekend next year. It is in Florida. I'm excited and thankful for a long weekend!
  • A lot of people have standing plans for holidays, so that's why I feel it's both inconvenient and potentially rude. Christmas worst of all, but even things like Labor Day because tons of people do family BBQs and whatnot. Don't make me choose between your wedding and what I already intended to do for that holiday, because you are likely to be disappointed by my choice.
  • I think it depends on which holiday like a PP said. Christmas, thanskgiving, etc, no thank you. But I've know people to do it on Memorial Day or Labor Day weekend & then they do it on Sunday. The reason usually is because they have lots of OOT guests & by having it on Sunday the guests can travel in on Saturday & then go home on Monday & don't have to use any vacation time (unless they want to extend their trip) making it a lot easier for the guests & more OOT guests were able to attend then. The other plus was that they were able to find vendors easier for Sunday wedding & received great rates from many of them because it was normally a day that they wouldn't work.

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