Young Bride with little money in Atlanta

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Hey all. I am getting married in May (5 months away) and I have so much going on, I only recently got time to start planning my wedding. With all I am doing, my budget has become very limited. I was hoping to find a venue for just a reception outside and be able to bring my own food and vendors. Does anyone out there have any suggestions? ? Please help

Re: Young Bride with little money in Atlanta

  • Try local parks. Lake Lanier allows you to rent out pavillions for a day for a very low cost. If you don't have an official venue yet you can always try to push out your wedding date to allow you to have more time to save a little bit of money. Are you or your parents a member of a church? Most churches will give members cheaper (if not free) rates for weddings and also give you use of their fellowship hall for your reception. My BFF hosted her wedding at her parent's Presbyterian church and I think the total cost was under $3000.

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    @weddinglighthouse It's against the TOS on The Knot to advertise your blog or other wedding services. I understand you're trying to relay helpful information, but you can totally do so without spewing about your blog every other post.

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    This place allows your own vendors or bring your own food.
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