Small gifts native to Cleveland for Out of Town Guests

So our wedding in August 2015.  Most of our guests will be coming from out of town and out of state.  I have been to weddings before where the bride and groom have left a lil bag or care package at the front desk for their out of town guests.  The majority of our 100 guests will be from out of town.  I wanted to do a lil something for them and have some of the gifts (possibly edible) native that of Cleveland.  When my roommate in college got married, she had this Taffy (Cincinnati Reds Taffy) in our care packages which I had no idea it was native of Cincinnati, along with 2 bottles of water, some granola bars, etc.  I am looking to do something like this along with some tourist brochures for things to do while in Cleveland.  So any ideas or thoughts on some goodies to add to their care package?  Please note, I am not a native of Cleveland, recently moved here over the summer as my fiance has lived here for 20 years or so.  I am native of Columbus.  

Re: Small gifts native to Cleveland for Out of Town Guests

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    • Malley's Chocolate
    • Peterson Nuts
    • Something from Great Lakes Brewery (if your wedding is close, so guests can to visit)
    • Local Maple Syrup
    • Check to see if any of the local wineries would do mini bottles for you (lots of wineries in Madison/Geneva area)
    • There are a couple of local whiskey companies, again, see if you can do mini bottles
    • Shearer's Chips

    I found this site while doing a google search for more ideas. You may find this helpful.  You pick the type of product you want or the county & it gives you a list of all the food/beverage related companies in the area for that catergory. http://www.crainscleveland.com/section/food

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    CLE Clothing Co. has cool things. Even small little buttons/stickers/coasters and koozies. They also have stuff at a store called Native Cleveland which just carried things that are native to Cleveland obviously. They always have good stuff.

    Love the Malley's suggestion above along with the beer.
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    Awesome! Thank you ladies.  I did think of the CLE Clothing Co store as I have been in there many times.  I would love to put a bottle of Great Lakes Christmas Ale in the bag but Im sure it won't be available come July 2015, I would have to buy a bunch now and keep it.  And not sure how long it would keep seeing as how my fiance loves that beer! haha

    I also ran across a store that is all about Cleveland located inside Tower City.  Thinking of checking it out as well.  My issue will be trying not to go overboard with all this and deciding which goodies to put in their bag :)
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    Try to keep it simple with sticking to edibles, think of  a sweet treat & a salt snack, a bottle of water & then something unique to add to it. Contact Cleveland now, or the vistor's office to get help with getting brochures & maps of the area. Also make a list of your own favorite places to go. If you do your own list, add prices of place when possible & add a few free things like the different parks, art muesuem (parking fee involved though) the west side market, tower city, etc.
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    Malley's Chocolates are a great idea! I would also put a Cleveland postcard in the bag.. just a cheap travel token that might be a fun little keepsake.

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