Flower souvenirs

I would ask the DJ to announce that guests can take the flower centerpieces with them if they would like to. We had too many and they just had to go in the trash. It might mean a lot to some people and most may not care but at least someone could benefit from it. Even if it is one less flower arrangement for the reception site or you and your family to clean up at the end of the night. 

Re: Flower souvenirs

  • Id id lantern's as our centerpiece, with a small flower arrangement and we gave them away.  DJ did a game to decide who at what table got them.  I def didn't need 9 of the exact same lantern!
  • My sister had the DJ announce, that the person who's birthday was the closest to the wedding date would be the proud owner of the centerpiece. This way you didn't have people fighting over the centerpieces and no one took more then one. If the person who was the closest didn't want it, then it was their option to give it to someone.
  • You can also donate floral arrangements to local nursing homes, hospitals, hospice centers, kids with cancer centers, etc.

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