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help needed

I'm trying to plan a wedding for $2000 (not including the wedding dress).
I'm in WPB, Florida but am looking at nearby towns too. Its going to be small 50 people.
I'm going to try to do my own decorations and flowers. I'm just running into an issue finding a reception Venue. I don't know anyone with a back yard to do it in. Also need cheap DYI decorating ideas my colors are red, black, and white.

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    Venues in Ft. Lauderdale-Bimini Boatyard (you can do 5 Star food for about $30.00 per person, even in the evening) Crown Plaza Hotel (St. Road 84) - Food is not a great, pretty much the same budget, nice room great views) Of course neither of these include alcohol, but you get the advantage of not having to rent tables, linens, etc.
    DIY flowers are pretty easy. You can make gorgeous bouquets from Hydrangeas which, if you look around (Costco, BJs, Publix) can be had for $5.00 per stem.  Baby's breath is less than that, bunches up nicely and has a romantic look. For vases, tea light holders, etc. Dollar Tree is your new best friend. Any glass can be covered with glue, glitter, repeat twice drying well between coats. I've done different colors and still have some left over in great shape two years later.  If you want to get super fancy, they have small (3in diameter) mirrors that you can set the tea light holders on and the  reflection is great.  Music and photog. are the real budget slams but you can call Ft. Lauderdale Art Institute and some local high schools to see if some students are looking for work. 
  • I have the following items for sale as of Feb 7, 2015.

    14 - 12" Frosted Eiffel Tower Vases - $6 ea

    8 - 7" Red Pomander Balls - $5 ea

    100 - Black Chair Covers - $1.25 ea

    12 - Damask Table Runners - $3.25 ea

    100 - Damask Chair Sashes - $1 ea

    10 - Black Satin Table Runners - $2 ea

    10 - 120" White Polyester Round Table Clothes - $8 ea

    1 - 60x120" Black Polyester Rectangle Table Cloth - $7

    email me at [email protected] if interested. I have pix of demo set ups that I've been playing with.

    Lauderdale Pink gave some great info. Dollar Tree can be your best friend and it won't cost you much to put together something really nice whether it be flowers or candles. If you check their website, they offer tips on putting looks together.

    Good luck!

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