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When to order bridesmaid dresses?

Happy Friday, all!

How far in advance should I give my bridesmaids the details of their dresses so that they can order them? I'm picking out a color and a fabric (lots of options to fit their budgets), so they will be picking out their own style of dress to fit their needs/budget/comfort/personality and whatnot. Shoes and accessories are also up to them. I want to give them plenty of time to shop around, or try some on if they want, and to save money if they need to. But I don't want to inform them TOO far in advance for fear of coming off as a busy-body or making them feel like there is any hurry.

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Re: When to order bridesmaid dresses?

  • Just my opinion... If your wedding is in 2015, I would let them know details after the holidays. Send a group text, facebook message, or email and wish them all a Happy New Year, and then let them know about the dress color and fabric, and tell them that they're free to select their own style for the dress. You can even say something like "I know we still have a ways to go but I wanted to let you know early in case anyone finds a great sale!" 

    I personally love knowing stuff like this in advance for sale purposes and for diet/exercise/fitting into bridesmaid dress purposes. I'm getting married in Oct 2015 and will be doing dress stuff with my bridesmaids after the holidays.

    Good luck!
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  • Oh yes, I will definitely be waiting until after the holidays so that everyone has a chance to unwind from the craziness :) I just wasn't sure if 8 or 9 months was too far in advance (we are getting married in November 2015). I'm also one who appreciates advance notice, but wasn't sure if that would be considered pushy. Thanks!
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  • I am also getting married in November 2015 and I looked at Alfred Sung dresses for my bridesmaids. I was told they needed to be ordered prior to mid-July 2015 in order to receive them a month before the wedding. Depending on the location of your bridesmaids, they may need the extra time to find a place near them to try on different dresses offered by that brand. 

    If you are going with dresses from any store/brand, I would personally appreciate the heads up soon after the holidays just like @peachy13 suggested. I wouldn't think you'd sound pushy and depending on your color/style, that might be the best time to get a dress since all the holiday dresses will be on sale before they put out the spring lines. 

    That was a long winded way to say, I think after the holidays is a great time! :) 
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  • My wedding is not until 2016 but I have started to think about all these little details. I'm so excited and even though I want to stop thinking about it, it's on my mind all the time. I can't wait :)... I'm thinking about giving details to my bridesmaids within 3 months in advance. I don't think I am going to look bossy because I just want to give them enough time to start picking out the style of the dress. I don't want them to feel pressured but I'm sure that the more time they have the better just because if there is any inconvenience there is enough time to get it resolved. 
    Best of luck!
  • Thanks, ladies! I'm going to give them more than 3 months notice because some of the designers take 14-16 weeks for regular production time (Alfred Angelo). Going with a month after the holidays seems to be a good idea.
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  • Order at least 9-10 months in advance and lie to the bridal store by about one month.  Most of the gowns are made in China.  For Chinese New Year, the country all but shuts down for a month, I kid you not, I've been there.  Absolutely NO business or manufacturing gets done.  If I had been honest with the salon about my daughter's wedding (a very high end shop, with years in the business) her bridesmaids would have been without gowns.  With every wedding I have planned, there have been delays in arrival and alterations.  If you plan for Murphy's Law to be in effect, you will be fine.
  • I went bm dress shopping this weekend and I was told to have the order in 6 months in advance of the wedding. The dresses will take ~4 months to arrive, and then I need to ship a few to girls out of town, and then they will need alterations done. Those things can easily take 2 months. Just remember that even if the girls select their own style, to order te dresses together. Otherwise the dye lot could be different, and you'll have multiple shades of bridesmaid dresses even if they're supposed to be in the same color. I'd also recommend selecting the brand if you want a consistent color, since many brands will vay what they call "navy", "red", etc.
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