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Reading Issue

So I asked my aunt to do a reading but her response was I will be so nervous. She was like I guess I will do it. I thought she would be very excited to be part of it. I was not expecting that reaction and response. Now I am not sure what to do. My mom thought someone else would have been better that is good at public speaking. I should have listened. What do I do now? Do I try to get someone else?

Re: Reading Issue

  • Well, since you asked your aunt and she did agree, albeit reluctantly, to do the reading, I think it would be a slap in her face to replace her now. If she changes her mind, just omit the reading.
  • Make sure she is able to have a copy of the reading several days prior to the wedding. Familiarizing herself with the text will lessen some of the anxiety. If you have a rehearsal dinner, being able to see the ceremony space may also offer her some additional comfort. You have asked her to do a reading, and she accepted. You cannot "un-ask" her now. Just because she is nervous doesn't mean she also isn't flattered and excited to have been asked. Just because she did not react in a way you expected is no reason to rescind the request.
  • I won't be able to omit since its a Catholic ceremony. I guess worse case I make one of my bridesmaids fill in if she decides last minute she doesn't want to. Should I let her know if she doesn't want to, to just let me know? When I asked her she quickly walked away after. I didn't get a chance to make sure she was ok with it. She just gave me the I'll do it if I have to answer. I definitely don't want to make her feel like she has to if she really isn't comfortable.
  • Don't make her read straight from the Bible.  Type it out and put it in large font so she's not struggling to read it.  She may just be nervous about public speaking and disappointing you by not reading it perfectly on your wedding day.  I agree -- provide her the reading as soon as you can so she can get comfortable with it.  My favorite aunt and my husband's favorite aunt both did readings and I knew one would be a far better reading so we just gave her the longer one.

  • If she decides not to at the last minute, I 'd just have your priest read it. She already feels uncomfortable with the whole thing, so I think that trying to "reassure" her that she doesn't have to is just going to make her feel guilty. And if you ask a bridal party member to do it instead, you'll add to the discomfort and/or guilt she might already be feeling.

    So let it go. Just have your priest ready to do the reading as your Plan B if the piece can't be omitted and your aunt can't or won't do it.
  • Your right, I'll just let it go. I was just trying to be nice and including her. She could have said no. However I really should have just listened to my mother when she told me who she wanted me to pick. She knew she would be too nervous. Now she can tell me I told you so.
  • If she does, you can say to her, "Yes, you did. But we worked things out for the best."
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