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Review: 12/5/2014 Wedding - Tina's Bridal & Dante's Tuxedo

Tina’s Bridal: A++

Tina & Maria are like family to me now. After spending time going back and forth to look for gowns all over, I knew the gown I tried on at Tina’s was the one. It was a beautiful Sottero and Midgley gown with a sweetheart neckline and beading from top to my hips and then was white silk satin…it was stunning! Maria helped me find the dress of my dreams & then helped my bridesmaids as well! Tina & my mom got along like two old friends once they both realized they could speak Italian to one another! Tina helped my mom pick out a gorgeous navy blue & lace dress and she looked stunning. From start to finish they were attentive, caring & willing to do whatever I needed/wanted to make my dress, veil, alterations, etc. as seamless as possible. Tina’s answer to everything was “no problem, no problem, we will make everything beautiful” and that they did! I was so nervous with my corset back that no one would do it as perfect as Maria that she came to my house the night before the wedding and stayed for over an hour to teach my cousin!! She is the sweetest!! I recommend them to anyone who is getting married or needs a nice formal dress. They have a beautiful collection and are just so welcoming! My only regret was not going with Robert’s as the Tux rental that was inside Tina’s!

Dante’s Tuxedo: F

If there was a grade lower than an F then they would get that. It was such a nightmare. We had my husband, 2 father’s, grandfather, ring bearer and 6 groomsmen. When I say the only person who didn’t have an issue was my husband and our father’s that was it. They managed to mess up the other 8 tuxedos. I mean how difficult is it to get the measurement of pants? My brother had to go back 3 separate times and then even THE DAY OF THE WEDDING he had issues. I called them to let them know I was the bride and his pants were AGAIN way too short…their answer to me was “I can’t help you right now I have a store full of people” to which I responded “ I have a wedding in 2 hours, I don’t care about a store full of people who are not about to get married, I need you to get my brother pants” and then he said “I can’t help you, I have to go help customers” and hung up. If I am not mistaken I was a customer as well. They were rude, unprofessional and clearly had no idea what they were doing. His grandfather was so uncomfortable in the length of his pants after our ceremony he went home to put on his own black dress pants. The day after the wedding my husband called to speak with a manager who didn’t seem to care at all and said he would pass along the message to his boss who still to this day, 3 weeks later has yet to call us back. I was able to get a full refund for my brother, and are working on everyone else. I wouldn’t recommend them even if they were the only place left on the planet, I’d say you were better off with sweatpants.


Re: Review: 12/5/2014 Wedding - Tina's Bridal & Dante's Tuxedo

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