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Review: 12/5/2014 Wedding: The Westmount Country Club

WCC – Continental Room: A++

The Westmount Country Club has been my dream wedding location for years. I never thought it would be possible until I met Bobby Golucci. He was so accommodating and generous and willing to do whatever he could to work with our budget and make my dream a reality. From the first time my husband & I met Bobby he made us feel like we were family. He invited us a few times to see an actual wedding set up so we could see exactly how it would look and then sat us down and fed us a TON of food so we could taste a little of everything. He spoiled us at every chance he could. After we booked Bobby told us that we were now a team and anything I needed to let him know and he would make sure it would get done. Throughout our 18 month engagement Bobby was ALWAYS accessible and he would respond within an hour or less. If there was an issue with a vendor, or if we had a question, he would resolve it within a 24hour period.  I felt like I was a princess when I was working with the WCC, they catered to our every need and made us feel so special!

The day of the wedding I was completely blown away by everything. It was simply stunning, Bobby remembered things I wanted that I had mentioned the day we booked and never spoke of again. I was in shock. We had Bobby, Fred & Max who were by our sides throughout the whole night tending to us. During one of our conversation I had lightly mentioned I love chocolate chip cookies, he must’ve written it down or somehow remembered because there was a huge plate of them sitting at our sweetheart table for me. That was just one minor detail out of hundreds, nothing was overlooked or missed.  Max, one of the employees, set up our dessert hour and it really was something out of a movie! They invited my husband and I and our parents to the front of the room, dimmed the lights and it was just an explosion of dessert after that! They had a huge (what looked like a marshmallow) wheeled out on FIRE! It was so cool! They had the entire perimeter of the dance floor covered in amazing desserts as well as the cocktail hour room! To top it off, historically the Bride & Groom typically never eat at their own weddings, but at the WCC they make it a point to make sure you are eating even if just a little throughout the night.  Let me just said that their food is amazing (to say the least) so you HAVE to try to get some in! When my bustle broke Bobby immediately rushed over to tell me he had a girl to handle that and she did! My husband’s Godfather brought cigars for them and within 2 minutes Bobby had someone set up a cigar bar on our outside patio off our cocktail room.  I could go on and on for days about how magical my day was because of the detailed vision of Bobby and his staff. The next morning starting at 7:30am the phone calls from all our friends & family started pouring in, about how it was the best wedding they had ever been to, the food was out of this world, it was beautiful, etc.  I couldn’t have asked for a better day or better place to have our wedding. No other wedding venue we visited held a candle to The Westmount Country Club. The Westmount Country Club exceeded my expectations and I can only hope I can go back as a guest to enjoy it again! When we returned from our honeymoon, I must’ve forgotten my veil & fur shawl at the WCC.  Normally places throw things out and tell you that they aren’t responsible. Bobby not only held onto to it for us, he had noted when we were going on our honeymoon and that we’d be back closer to Christmas.  So he sent us a message to wish us a Merry Christmas and let us know he had my veil & shawl and would hold it for us until we could get in. I mean he is a really stand up guy who works really hard & goes above & beyond to make sure his bride & groom have the best day and overall experience ever.  Dollars & cents we looked at 4 total places, not only did the WCC out perform all the other venues, but their prices gave you MUCH more bang for your buck.  

Re: Review: 12/5/2014 Wedding: The Westmount Country Club

  • Thanks for the review! Glad you had an amazing wedding! 
    I'm now under 3 months to our wedding. Any things you had wished you had known beforehand? Any things that blew you away that I should ask for?
  • what other venues did you take a look at?
  • Nanina's in the Park (they weren't very nice or willing to work with me on any kind of pricing), Crystal Plaza, The Tides Estate, Season's Catering..I think a few more but can't remember now.
  • @ctr24 - def get the Viennese Hour if you haven't already - its INSANE & no matter the weather make sure you get the picture in the gazebo! It was drizzling and I still took my butt out there and got it and the pictures looked amazing!

    and EAT...I never got a chance and your chances are slim as well lol bc no one eats but PLEASE TRY TO EAT the food is so incredible lol
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