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Have any of yall used Etsy for your bridesmaid dresses??

If so, how was your experience? I am nervous that a dress my 'maids order may not turn out like the picture.

FWIW I am just having my bridal party each choose their own dress within a certain color scheme, but most of them seem to be gravitating towards Etsy. Beautiful dresses, I am just trying to look out for them.. I would hate for someone to spend her money on a dress that comes out nothing like the picture and looks like it was thrown together by someone who thinks they know how to sew. 

Re: Have any of yall used Etsy for your bridesmaid dresses??

  • No dresses, but we did order other things for our wedding over Etsy, including our cake topper (hand carved wood) and our invitations.

    As with ordering anything online - if they do their homework and check the reviews, they should be able to tell if someone is legit or not. It also helps to communicate back and forth with the seller a bit before placing the order - you can see how professional they are that way. If it's not already posted on their page, for example, they can ask about the return policy - what if the dress doesn't fit as expected or the color is not what's expected, can they get a refund if they return it?
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  • I love etsy but didn't order BM dresses there. Personally, I would shop somewhere with a more flexible return policy, or somewhere that your girls can try on the dress before buying.

    Also, beware that there are lots of etsy sellers who make cheap knockoffs of brand name dresses, but they are absolutely not the same quality. Many of them are easy to spot because they use photos from the designer/store website.
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  • Like the other poster's said, do your research. I once ordered a bridesmaid's dress from an etsy seller based in China. They had great reviews, something like 97% positive off a few hundred reviews. We just ordered ours when their scam portion set in. One of the girls got their dresses and it was great, the rest of us never got anything and the seller eventually cut off all communication. The shop was eventually shut down, but in the meantime, there were quite a few ladies that didn't receive wedding dresses/bm dresses/etc.

    Etsy can be really great but like with all online shops, just be careful! 

    Other note: I'd recommend ordering through a credit card on Etsy instead of paying through Paypal. The girls in my situation that paid with credit card were reimbursed through their card company. I paid through Paypal and just missed the "complaint" time period for Paypal to reimburse me for the money lost. 
  • Renz Rags on Etsy is great! I got my bridesmaid dress from there for a wedding last year. I was beyond impressed. Dress was great! I had to get it altered just a little bit and the seamstress I used said the dress was amazing quality. I picked one out from there for my bridesmaids. I had looked on there a few weeks before I got engaged and saved the link. Then when I got back on to send the bridesmaids the link, the link was deleted. I emailed the shop owner and she reopened it just for me! Very accommodating, too. The dress I picked had a flower on the side that I didn't want. She said it was not a problem taking it off. Anyways.... they're great! 
  • I have had really great experiences with Etsy sellers in the US but have not bought anything overseas for fear that it'll be a cheap version of what the picture shows.  I realize that it's a bit of a stereotype but I've found that overseas orders take months to arrive and then if the dresses aren't right, you have to scramble to find replacements.  I really liked the infinity dresses on Etsy but couldn't find a local shop to buy them from so I just made them myself.  I found a great tutorial on and bought material online from Spandex House.  Best of luck to you with whatever you decide!
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