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June 2015 Weddings

June 13th 2015 wedding and no dress

So I am getting married in less than 6 months and I still do not have a dress. My wedding is outside and low key, however I have tried on tons of dresses and haven't found "the one". I feel like at this point i will be getting married in my jammies (lol). Any one else down to the wire with finding a dress?

Re: June 13th 2015 wedding and no dress

  • thelittlem3rmaidthelittlem3rmaid Long Island, New York member
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    Don't worry! Mine is June 21st and I just bought my dress today. You still have time! Have you been to many stores? Tried on different styles?
  • check out etsy. They have really nice summer dresses for like half the price of the stores. that is what I did!

  • Have you tried BHLDN, Macy's, JCrew? Or maybe even bridesmaid dresses if you're looking for something low key and inexpensive.

  • I have looked everywhere. Nothing is really giving me that feeling of this is my wedding dress, just another pretty/cute/ comfy dress I'd wear any other summer day. I am sure once I stumble upon it, and at this point that's how I am sure it will happen, I will know that it is the dress I want to get married in or I will just pull out a sun dress from my closet and wear that lol. Thanks for the reassurance and suggestions :)
  • I know it might sound crazy! But I bought my dress off Etsy! I got It this month and it's beautiful. I just told her exactly what I wanted (I couldn't choose between two dresses) and that is what I got. My dress fits perfect too! Maybe try there
  • My wedding is June 13th as well and I just got my dress this week. It was actually my second dress, I bought one in December 2013. I just didn't love it and it wasn't the most flattering for my body type. I went in for my first fitting/alterations appointment, had a little bit of a breakdown and ended up walking out having ordered another dress. When you know, you know, and I'm sure it'll work out!
  • Thank you ladies. I have been looking on the dresswe.com and they have some beautiful dresses ranging form modern to vintage formal to casual. I think part of my issue is that my wedding day is very casual, we are going for more of a family reunion vibe than a wedding, weddings (to me) come off as stuffy and the bride and groom rarely get to enjoy themselves with all of the things they HAVE to do. I want to enjoy the day that is supposed to celebrate my fiance and I, I want to be comfortable, yet still feel like a bride, I think I found a dress on the site i mentioned. I am ordering it this week. I'll keep you all posted on when it arrives. Thank you for your support and encouraging words
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