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Hey Everyone!

Well we still haven't received a full list of emoji's from the tech team but luckily we have some awesome mods! @Photokitty figured out this list of the emoji's she's found. I'll make sure to update it if anything gets added (sorry no poop emoji :cry: ) Feel free to test them out below!

:smile:  : smile: 
:smiley: : smiley: 
:wink: : wink: 
:blush: : blush: 
:neutral_face: : neutral_face: 
:grey_question: : grey_question: 
:wtf: : wtf: 
:worried: : worried: 
:weary: : weary: 
:warning: : warning: 
:error: : error: 
:expressionless: : expressionless: 
:heart_eyes: : heart_eyes: 
:persevere: : persevere: 
:relieved: : relieved: 
:trollface: : trollface: 
:tired_face: : tired_face: 
:triumph: : triumph: 
:star: : star: 
:yum: : yum: 
:cry: : cry: 
:joy: : joy: 
:dizzy_face: : dizzy_face: 
:unamused: : unamused: 
:sunglasses: : sunglasses: 
:hushed: : hushed: 
:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: : stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: 
:innocent: : innocent: 
:kissing: : kissing: 
:kiss: : kiss: 
:disagree: : disagree: 
:open_mouth: : open_mouth: 
:no_mouth: : no_mouth: 
:confounded: : confounded: 
:confused: : confused: 
:persevere: : persevere: 
:disappointed: : disappointed: 
:awesome: : awesome: 
:agree: : agree: 
:anguished: : anguished: 
:angry: : angry: 
:astonished: : astonished: 
:sweat_smile: : sweat_smile: 
:smiling_imp: : smiling_imp: 
:cold_sweat: : cold_sweat: 
:disappointed_relieved: : disappointed_relieved: 
:frowning: : frowning: 
:fearful: : fearful: 
:flushed: : flushed: 
:grinning: : grinning: 
:grimacing: : grimacing: 
:grin: : grin: 
:heart: : heart: 
:heart_eyes: : heart_eyes: 
:kissing_heart: : kissing_heart: 
:kissing_smiling_eyes: : kissing_smiling_eyes: 
:kissing_closed_eyes: : kissing_closed_eyes: 
:sleeping: : sleeping: 
:sleepy: : sleepy: 
:relaxed: : relaxed: 
:cookie: : cookie: 
:rage: : rage: 
:broken_heart: : broken_heart: 
:sob: : sob: 
:neutral_face: : neutral_face: 
:mrgreen: : mrgreen: 
:mask: : mask: 
:smirk: : smirk: 
:+1: : +1: 
:-1: : -1: 
:weary: : weary:
:yum: : yum:

ETA: Also, just remove the space in the :word: next to the emoji you want to use, if you have any questions let me know!

Re: Emojis!

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    edited December 2014
    If only there was a cake emoji! I tried and tried to no avail - :cake: :yum: :wedding_cake: :iWANTcake:

    ETA - @knotriley, I found a new one! : yum: :yum:
    :kiss: ~xoxo~ :kiss:

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    Ugh. I don't mind the occasional one, but some people's posts now look like a teenage girl's text.
    What did you think would happen if you walked up to a group of internet strangers and told them to get shoehorned by their lady doc?~StageManager14
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    Is it possible to code them so that when you type the face the proper emoji shows up (I know it works for : ), but I tried : P the other day and it did the :pensive: face which is SO not the look I was going for!).
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