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Invitation & RSVP timelines for international guests?

I've searched the boards and read several threads on this, but I think I've actually made myself more confused as a result. I am having a destination wedding in Vegas at the end of September; guests will be traveling there from both coasts of the US, as well as from Australia. I sent out the STDs about two months ago to give people enough time to prepare, but unfortunately didn't include much on them except date and location. Since then I have created a wedding website with hotel booking and travel details.

I want to ensure that everyone has enough time to book flights and prepare. Should I send invites to Australian folks like 5-6 months out, and then to US people like 3-4 months out? When should I request RSVPs by? In the time before sending out the invites, should I do a mass email to everyone with the wedding website so they know the hotel blocks and discount information?

Re: Invitation & RSVP timelines for international guests?

  • Invites should not be sent (or received by guests) until 6-8 weeks out regardless of who you are sending them to.  So for your international guests I would guesstimate how long it would take for mail to get to them and then add that delivery time to the 6-8 week time and send them then.  So if it takes 2 weeks to get a letter to Australia, then send your invites to those individuals at the 10 week mark.  KWIM?

    And these people are adults.  I am sure they can figure out travel and lodging on their own.  And if they have any questions I am sure they will email/call you.  There was a time when wedding websites did not exist and people were still able to figure things out all on their own.  But I don't see anything wrong with emailing those individuals who would benefit from extra information a link to your website.

    The RSVP date is determined by when you need a final headcount to your venue.  So if your venue needs a final headcount 2 weeks prior I would make the RSVP date 3 weeks prior to your wedding date so you have a good week to call up any missing RSVPs.

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