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Importing/Exporting Guest List

So, my fiance and I have created our fantasy wedding guest list and we've cut it down to those we really want invited. However, we're trying to plan our engagement party soon, so I figured it'd be best to duplicate the wedding's guest list and cut down from there.

I'm using The Knot to store our guest lists, and I couldn't find an easy button that said "duplicate list", so I tried exporting and importing it. I exported the list, and it gave me a CSV file. That's fine. I tried uploading that CSV file into the engagement party guest list, and uploads only accept excel sheets.

What the hell? Why would your site not be able to import what you export? I can't do it from my fiance's laptop because he doesn't have the program. I guess this will just have to wait until I get to my desktop computer.

But seriously, this shouldn't have been this hard...

Tessa, Bride-To-Be
December 19th, 2015

Re: Importing/Exporting Guest List

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