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Friend is mad about engagement announcement


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    As someone who is very active on social media, I actually kinda understand the OP's concern. I know people who have actually made a career out of being Instagram or Twitter Famous... seriously, they get booked to go to nightclubs or special events and get paid a few thousand dollars just to show up and be present, because they have such a following on their social media accounts that people know them just for that. I'm not saying this is a legitimate career by any means... in fact, I think it's going to be hilarious when these apps get phased out and these people will have nothing more than a follower count to put on their resumes one day. But I digress.

    Anyway, I'm very active on social media and have close friendships with others who are, so I understand if one of these similar people didn't respond to a post about an engagement in a way that is typical for them to do on Facebook. If you know that a person lives on their Facebook, is always talking about posts and likes and whatnot, and suddenly has become mute when you upload some very happy news, that silence can be indicative of how they feel about it. I know this sounds very strange but social media is becoming its own sub-culture in a way, and there are social norms and customs within that. 

    Let me end by saying that I also think the OP is overreacting a bit. Her friend is probably very preoccupied with her own wedding. 

    ETA: I'm aware that I should probably get some real friends..... but I live in a city that I only moved to 2 years ago, and started working full-time as soon as I moved here, and I'm also in law school at night. I don't actually have physical time for a social life outside of work, school, and my home life with my SO, so social media is my arena for socialization. I can chat with friends, catch up on news and sports, and share things about my life with people when I have a few minutes to do so. I get how Facebook & other social media can seem like a stupid, meaningless obsession but there are also many perks to being active within that realm for others.
  • About 2 months after we got engaged my MOH got engaged, I was and am ecstatic for her, in fact, my fiance and I started speculating who else in our wedding party (of 12) might get engaged  between now and our wedding, I think it would be a great story to tell in the future! If i was you I wouldn't worry about it at all, I guarantee she's just swamped with her own stuff right now!
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    Seeing as she's avoided the "did you tell her about your engagement?" questions, I'm starting to assume she didn't? But even so, I don't think said friend cares enough about facebook likes to have even noticed you have gotten engaged. Whether or not you told her about it. Facebook is not real life. Maybe just call her and catch up/offer to help her considering its a week until the wedding instead of trolling on FB?
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