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Mouths to feed

I know our wedding isn't until 2017, but I'm trying to convince my fiance that it's good to get things set up sooner than later. We have a total wedding budget of $4,000 (My motivation was this couple: We're having the wedding at noon on the big day, so we anticipate that people will either be a little hungry, or starving by the time the reception starts. What are some financial savvy things we could do for food options?

Re: Mouths to feed

  • You'll probably want to serve lunch at that time of day. I'd say BBQ would be a good budget option.
  • BBQ runs $8-$12 a person here with sides and disposables included, more if you have them deliver and help serve/clean up. Move it up an hour and think Brunch -- how about a waffle bar? Or later Finger Sandwiches, fruit and cheese platters. For drinks, limit it to iced tea, Arnold Palmers, mimosas and punch -- that never goes out of style.
  • We actually moved our wedding time up recently so we could have a brunch reception. Plus, now that we've shortened our guest list a bit, it should help the budget a bit. Thank you for the input!
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