Hibiscus for bouquets?

Has anyone carried a hibiscus bouquet? I have serious love for them, so with a beach DW, they'd be my ideal choice. But if they won't hold up, I will work on finding something else. I'm not a rose fan, but am a total bright flower lover.

If they'll work, I'm imagining a cheerful yellow and pink bouquet for my girls and bright pinks and corals for mine. Flower girls will be carrying flower balls with fake flowers since we can't drop anything and I am slightly (ok very) weirded out by flower girls carrying mini bridal bouquets. The mini bride thing in general does.

Re: Hibiscus for bouquets?

  • I have never heard of using hibiscus in bouquets.  The flowers themselves are delicate and the petals can bruise easily.  Also, the stems are short and are thin so they probably wouldn't hold up well in a tied or arranged in oasis bouquet.

    I think your best bet for incorporating hibiscus is to use bloomed plants as your alter arrangements and then use other tropical flowers such as orchids, anthurium, protea, etc in your bouquets.  Just FYI these flowers can be expensive so if budget is a concern, using bright colored gerber daisies are a great alternative.  The colors the gerbs can come in mimic the bright colors of tropical flowers.

  • Along with what maggie said, I grow hibiscus in the summertime and I can tell you that the blooms only last for 2 days at the most on the plant so I can't imagine that they would last long enough to make arrangements out of them.
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