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Has anyone used a caterer that was very allergy friendly in accommodating multiple food allergens such as wheat, corn, dairy? I would rather find someone that understands allergies and has experience with it rather than someone who has no idea and just says they can do it but risk cross contamination. I will be doing buffet style and no cake, just dessert table. Please do not comment anything anti-allergy related such as bashing gluten free people. I have serious allergies and have seen enough posts with peoples opinions and irritations with having to accommodate people with allergies. Its my wedding and I want to be able to eat whatever I want! :)

Re: Allergy friendly catering

  • I went to a wedding catered by Big Burrito group.  I know they were able to accomodate gluten free for sure and would imagine they'd be willing to work around other allergens as well.  The reception had multiple different ethnic stations that were amazing.
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    I own Chef for a Day Catering™ which services a 25 mile radius of Pittsburgh. We work with local farmers and can accommodate all allergies and food restrictions. I have been in the culinary industry for 25 years and have done enough research on nutrition and food restrictions to have the ability to provide a safe and delicious event for all guests.

    Chef Frank Helisek

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