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We sent out invitations last month and have received less than half back. They have 10 more days to respond so they still have time. However I have a feeling I am going to end up having to call a lot of them. Is that normal? Have the rest of you been getting all of your rsvps back?

Re: Rsvps

  • We have about the same amount RSVP'd and our wedding is 2/22/15.  We are most likely going to end up placing a few phone calls to get some confirmations; like if planning the wedding alone isn't hectic lol 
  • Yeah ok that makes me feel alittle better. Ours is the 14th. I kinda want to be like umm can you send the card back please. I'm trying not to be bridezilla so I'm holding off till after the date they are due. It's alot of family that your like ok you talk about it and I'm pretty sure your coming, why not send it back!
  • Our RSVP deadline was a few days ago and of course, we're having to call about half the list. It kind of bothered my by how many people didn't send them in! They were postcards that already were stamped - all they had to do was check yes or no! Oh well, they'll just have to be annoyed by my phone call ;)
  • My guests have less than a week left to get them in and we are missing about 1/4.  Sounds like that's better than some of you, but it's still frustrating.  I just keep saying that the next wedding I'm invited to, I will be one of the first to return my RSVP!  Will be making lots of calls early next week...

  • I receive about 10% of the rsvp's back, so I called. I was glad I did so. I was nervous calling a bunch of people that I've never met or spoken to, a lot of my FH family, but it gave me a chance to chat and get to know them a little. About 90% will be attending, so I'm glad I called.
  • We are the 21 and a little over half have come in, some have said yes to us on the phone already. I do not trust that. I would feel better with the RSVP in hand.
  • Only half of my guests return the pre-stamped RSVP card on time... I used email to get in touch with most of the no-replies (and got immediate response).  One had moved and never received the invitation.  (I'm the 7th)

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