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Is a DJ necessary?

I am having a brunch wedding in August from 1130-4PM. Our guests range in age from 25years old-65 years old. My fiancé and I are pretty reserved people, we don't like attention on us and arent big partiers. We plan to have an iPod set up, and our venue has an AV guy who will play the music at appropriate times, but if we need any announcements made, we need to take care of that ourselves. we don't plan to do wedding party announcements, first dances etc. we want our wedding to be more of a social mingling event and not a huge party, however I know that most people love the party scene of a wedding and would probably leave early without us having a DJ. I want the wedding to be a great time without being TOO crazy, I'm just afraid that without a DJ people will sit there bored out of their minds. Opinions?

Re: Is a DJ necessary?

  • I was contemplating not having a DJ either because I'm very picky about music and the DJ's in our area aren't super fantastic. However, we did end up hiring one because in the end someone has to do the appropriate announcements and I figured neither I nor the groom would have any of that on our minds, and there has to be some order during the event. A good DJ really can make all the difference in the whole vibe of the event. Hope this helped. Good luck with all your planning! :)
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    Of course you don't have to have a DJ.  Background music of your choice playing is fine.  

    However, 4.5 hours is a long time for brunch.  If you want your guests to stay the "entire time", there should be something to do.  Dancing fits that bills for many receptions, but you don't have to have dancing.  

    Maybe everyone takes turns telling bride and groom, or "when we got married" stories? It's just that greeting guests, families and each other ... dining, (drinking?) .... taking pictures ... only goes so far.  It all sounds LOVELY ... but probably not enough to do for 4.5 hours.  

    So, I suggest either adding a dancing component, or game or activity of some kind, or friendly and personal stories (see above)  ... or simply getting the idea of a 4.5 hour reception out of your head.  A couple of hours of celebration, and then your guests leave.  There is absolutely no reason your reception has to last so long simply because that is the venue's time block.

    It's your wedding - do what sounds happy and fun and comfortable for you!

  • I was on the fence with this. My fiancé is in a band and they have a trailer full if speakers and light so I opted not to pay for a DJ. I keep going back and forth with my choice but they have an iPad so I figured we would just load it up with music for the night and let it play. We are having an evening wedding and we like to party but DJ's are so expensive. I think for an earlier wedding like yours you would be fine. I also don't want or need all the announcements and whatnot. I am hoping the iPad works out. I don't think for an earlier wedding people will be wanting to get all drunk and dance crazy. People like music and to dance so it won't matter where the music is coming from. I think and iPod will work just fine!
  • I'm doing an iPod wedding. We have some friends with really big personalities in the wedding party and they will take turns MC'ing and doing announcments. It'll end up a mini comedy.  I've never met a DJ who wasn't a creeper with a Mic being horribly corny. Especially if it's daytime...don't worry!
  • Is your ceremony at 11:30 and then going straight into brunch?  Or will the brunch itself start at 11:30?  I think the i pod is fine and if there is space can entertain some dancing if people want to indulge.  DJ is more so doing the presenting of the wedding party and keeping the pace for first dances, toasts, bouquet toss, garter, cutting the cake, etc.  If you don't need anyone to do that, then just use the ipod.   Given the time of day people will not expect the "big party atmosphere."  If an announcement has to be made, designate someone to do that for you (if they would like) or you or your H can do the announcements, or someone in the wedding party or even a family member if they are comfortable with it.   

    My Brother/SIL got married and just had a small ceremony followed by a dinner party at a restaurant.  The ceremony was around 5:30 (short) and then we all went straight to the reception.  There were apps and open bar for guests when they arrived to the restaurant while Bride and Groom and family finished some pics.  We had salad, dinner and dessert (no wedding party, dances, cake cutting, etc).  The Best Man and MOH did a toast before dinner (no microphone, and was not needed since it was a small room with about 30 people).  After dessert people just mingled between the bar and the tables.  We had a great time!  No DJ needed.  Between happy hour and dinner we were there probably 6/6:30-11 and never had a dull moment. No DJ or Dancing needed. Some of the older crowd did not stick around that long (left after cake) but most of the people stayed until the restaurant closed (open bar had a big to do with that of course).    

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