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Save the dates and vendors

Do you send a save the date to your wedding vendors? Our officiant is not someone we know, but she does weddings in the area so we hired her. I am going to send one to the photographer so she can see her work came out good? What about the DJ? Also, the hotel that we are getting married at has a wedding planner that assists with the weddings. She is not an independently hired wedding planner. What should we do? Thanks.

Re: Save the dates and vendors

  • There is no reason to give a STD to any of your vendors. You should have a contract with them that has the date. Maybe give an invitation to your officiant, but that is it.


  • We sent one to our photographer, because it was her photos (and she loved it! Posted a pic of it on Facebook/instagram saying how much she loves receiving STDates) but that was only because I had several extras, plus extra postcard stamps. You don't need to send one to anybody though, they should all be aware of your date. 

  • I think it'd be bizarre to send a STD or invite to a paid, contracted vendor with the possible exception of maybe the photographer if you used their photo...but even then, I find it...odd.  The contract is their "invite".
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