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Hi has anyone used Aria Hotel for their hair and makeup?

Re: Aria Hotel Las Vegas Hair Salon

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    Are you talking about the Aria in Las Vegas? This is an international board and you'll have to be much more specific if you want decent answers.

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  • Yes I'm talking about Aria Hotel in Las Vegas.
  • Hi KnottieNumbers, I'm going to move your post to the LV board as we are an international board and you'll get some better answers over there.

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  • I was looking into it but Marcella from Aria recommended an outside vendor called Stevee Danielles. Her prices are a lot cheaper then the spa prices from the actual hotel. I'm waiting to see if anyone else has used her and have a thread open about it. I suppose she can't be that bad if the hotel are recommending her. Hope this is helpful x
  • There are a lot of other hair/makeup artist that are maybe better/cheaper than a hotel salon. Check out for great reviews! 
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  • Marcela did the same thing when I asked about the Aria salon last week. I booked with Your Beauty Call instead just to be on the safe side. I have used Arias spa before and they do have fantastic amenities. I am surprised that the wedding coordinator did not recommend the hotel as their first choice for hair and makeup. I think I may use Aria for my meet and greet hair and makeup.
  • Thanks it was my first post. I'm a newbie : )
  • lauradean89trm358 My concern with the salon is they can't give me an exact cost which scares me that I will be surprised by the amount the day of.
  • Thanks it was my first post. I'm a newbie : )

    That's okay! Just wanted you to get the best possible answers. Looks like you've already got some good responses! :)

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  • I am looking into using glam squad as well. I am waiting for them to send me a quote. Its so difficult trying to decide where to go. 
  • I am using Amelia C & Co. So far they have been great with any questions I have! I have also added 2 more people for HMU and that hasn't been a problem, Rob just changed the time to an earlier start and added an artist, they will be coming to my hotel room the day of, I am not having a trial as I only ever wear minimal make up so I know that I will just be going super simple for MU and then my hair isn't complicated either, not having an up do, so I'm pretty happy just to go with the recommendations that I've read! Rob is very helpful and responds to emails very promptly (given the time difference between Vegas and Spain)
  • That's helpful. I will look into them as well. Thanks.
  • @lauradean89‌ I looked at Steeve Daniels it says it's 1 hour for hair and makeup that seems quick. I've read good and bad reviews on yelp. The issue I have with hair on most of the stylists I have researched is that they do not wash your hair and want your hair dry. On my wedding day I don't want to do anything myself. One plus to Aria Salon they will wash and dry your hair.
  • @Terrimx‌ if you don't mind me asking how much is it for hair and makeup? Their site doesn't list the prices.
  • The reason they ask you to have "day old" hair is it holds curls and a style much better than freshly washed hair.

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  • My hair looks rubbish if it's not washed though as its so fine, so that concerns me greatly. I think I'm going to have to have a trial in the UK take some pictures. Yeah thinking about it that does seem quick. I have asked glam squad for a quote now as well
  • @Terrimx‌ if you don't mind me asking how much is it for hair and makeup? Their site doesn't list the prices.

    I have been quoted $200 for bridal HMU and $160 for my Mum, SIL, MIL each :)

  • I'm a local so I'm using my normal girl, Lacy Daley for hair and makeup. She works out of Boulder city at serenity salon, but will come to the suite the day of. She's awesome and much more reasonable than the others I've looked at!
  • My cousin had her hair done at the Aria before my wedding. It was gorgeous she had it down all curled. I stayed at Cosmo so got my hair done there. I was really happy with my hair & make up. I completely understand about washing your hair, I have a lot of hair but it is fine I definitely need it washed the day of. Plus I think hairdressers always give it a better rinse than I do.
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