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Is there such a thing such an "elopement coordinator"

I'm getting married in May 2015 in Central Florida. We will elope but I envision a wedding-like elopement with a champagne, cake and nice sit down dinner to celebrate. We have booked the ceremony venue and photographer but still need help with planning the rest. Are there any professionals who will help me with planning an elopement?

Re: Is there such a thing such an "elopement coordinator"

  • I am getting married in March ( elope) But the party is not until July.. Just look for some local vendors and plan away

  • My friend had one at the resort that she went to. They took care of the florist, the officiant, a small cake and a romantic dinner on the beach. If you go to the local board in Florida, you may be able to get some recommendations for coordinators in that area. Or check out the vendor reviews for that area through the knot.
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