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The Pastor lost our marriage license!

Yes I know I have a recap to do things have been a little crazy lately so Ive been putting it off and putting it off but any who. .. you ladies know Ive had issues with this pastor earlier on starting with him double booking our wedding day. Then on the day of rehearsal I sent him a text to remind him as he instructed me to do. He was 30 minutes late to open the church bcuz he was waiting for my call. Then on the day of my wedding not only was he late but he didnt say any of the things he was supposed to in honor of my late grandfather which he knew meant a lot to me. 2 weeks after our wedding we contacted him about the license. He assured us he had sent it out. Week and a half later called him to say we still haven't received it. He says he gave it to his secretary and he would check. Fast forward about 2 weeks which is today. I look on public records... nothing... we call and he says well yeah we lost it... its been two weeks when in the hell were you gonna tell us!?! I am so pissed he claims they are gonna look for it and if they cant find then we'd have to start all over... what does that even mean? Our license expires in a few days... Idk what to do I want to rip his head off his shoulders. I'm so pissed I cant even cry. I wonder if he was ever going to tell us... what do I do I'm so confused.

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    1. Congrats on your marriage! It is an amazing feeling; I'm sure you're already feeling it!

    2. I'm so sorry that the pastor has put you through sooooo much with your wedding day and for him to be this irresponsible with something so vital is NOT okay. 

    Just breathe! The hard part is out the way girl so enjoy your man. If y'all have to do "it" over again, I hope it doesn't involve a new application fee, etc. and if it does, I highly recommend requesting the pastor to pay for it. It may seem a bit crazy but it is his fault. And upon signing the NEW license, I suggest mailing it in yourself. I mailed ours simply because I knew my pastor would put it down somewhere and forget! In the eyes of God, y'all are married so enjoy living in marital bliss and everything will fall into place!
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    Yes Mrs. we're waiting on your recap!  Congratulations!!

    Anyhoo, if your window is a few days I wouldn't wait around for him and his staff to dig around for it, clearly timeliness is not a priority for them as you don't know when they were going to tell you to begin with.   Make a weekday appointment to see the pastor.   Then you and the hubs go back down to the courthouse and get a duplicate (it should be much less than the original), that same day take it back to pastor for signature and do NOT leave it with him.   Make a copy of the fully executed original and then go back to the Clerk's office and file the original.  

    I'm mad at this dude for you, I know he's busy but I don't care.  If marriage is one of your ministries you need to get it all the way together.    ANNDDDD wasn't gonna say ish?  Burn't up.  Girl, bye.
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    Girl i would be livid!! But nevertheless CONGRATS on your marriage and i wish you all the best of love, life and happiness... 

    Now Pastor would have to chuck up some change to pay for a new license or copy, duplicate or whatever you can get from the clerks office to rectify this problem.. Secondly, he seems a bit nonchalant about the who situation id have to put down the wrath of GOD on him to get it together.. Sad part is you had to call to find out what was going on.. smh.. I hope and pray it all works out for the best.

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    Congrats on your marriage!
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