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"Aisle" be a happy woman after I walk down to my love!

Pics from the aisle? Who escorted you? What were you thinking during your jaunt down to your partner?

My dad and I - and I remember thinking, "Oh my gosh, my entire English department is here! Hey, guys!" lol

I love my father so much - at first,my parents weren't going to be able to make the wedding, b/c of my ailing grandfather who lives with them, but they were able to make a quick trip (2 hours) over to walk me off and hang out for a few hours of the reception before heading back home. So blessed, was I.

This picture typifies how I felt - everything around me was a blur, except my focus down the aisle and the thought of, "I'm always going to be Daddy's little girl."

Re: "Aisle" be a happy woman after I walk down to my love!

  • Oh my gosh, aisle photos are some of my favourite.

    My dad walked me down the aisle. It was lovely. I had been counting out the beats of our processional song for the bridesmaids and when it was my turn to go it was actually a big relief because I could stop counting!

    Dad and I coming around the corner. 

    Dad had to hold my veil down because of the wind. 

    I like this one because it shows our awesome vintage carpet runner! 

    (Now)DH waiting

  • The way our ceremony site is set up, I couldn't actually see DH until the very end of the "aisle" when I turned a corner. So the whole way down I was staring at the photographer and looking at everyone taking my picture! A bit nerve racking- I'm really glad we did a first look!!

    Our JOP trying to lean to see around the rock.

    Finally turned the corner. 
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    I had a VERY short aisle. Because our venue backed RIGHT up to the lake, my choices were to have the guests face the lake with 4 very long rows and a tiny aisle, or turn everyone 90 degrees to have a longer more traditional aisle, but the lake would be to everyone's left.
    I wanted to be looking out at the lake, so my walk was super short, and this is one of the only ones we got. I cannot be serious for one moment, so I guess I stuck my tongue out at H to be cute? I don't even know, but I'm not shocked.

    ETA: I know this is weird, but I just realized how handsome my dad is in this picture.

    Another one I found:

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    My dad escorted me down the aisle. I really thought up until the day before the wedding that I was going to cry walking down the aisle and during vows and stuff. But during our rehearsal I was all giggles because H and I are rarely ever serious. It eased my nerves quite a bit. So day of, I basically was just trying to keep a straight face the whole time. 

    Here's what the ceremony site looked like. It was supposed to be outside but it started pouring an hour before the ceremony so everything was moved inside to the atrium area of the ballroom. It was still beautiful and with all the glass you still had that outdoor feel, while being comfortably dry inside with air conditioning. The rain stopped before the ceremony started and great light filled the room.

    And here we are as husband and wife walking back down the aisle!
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    Photographer - Steve Belner, of Photovisions
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  • Super fun - everyone's pics!! Romantique! :)
  • Both my parents walked me down the aisle..well sort of. My dress was very puffy so they ended up walking behind me since the aisle would not permit all 3 of us to walk in one lineTongue out

    This pic is of my parents trying not to step on my dress

    This pic is where they decided it's best they wal behind

    This pic is them giving me away
  • My Dad walked me down the aisle!  He was so emotional that he could not even move his jaw (he told me after) which is why he wasn't smiling in the pictures.  He doesn't do well with sharing his feelings, but it was touching to know how emotional he felt giving his little girl away!

  • This one was well before the aisle, just Dad and I taking a little walk through the park before I had to get in my tent to hide.

    I like this one because it kind of looks like this is the first time dad noticed the photographer.

    H's sister took this one, of me making the me gusta face.

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  • This is my dad walking me down the aisle. According to my mother, we got married in the smallest Catholic church she's ever seen. I thought the aisle was long enough!

    Then the first time we saw each other in our wedding attire (not only did he not see my dress and things but I also didn't want to see his suit!)
    My dad doing the whole veil raising (my MIL is trying not to cry in all these pictures!)
    And then he shook my FI's hand, very old school, lol

    I love this picture of us walking down the aisle afterwards because we just look so pleased with ourselves, hah.

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  • Here I am, holding onto my dad's arm and trying not to cry!
  • I don't have my pics back yet but I do have some on facebook that my sil posted.  My uncle walked me down the asile which I think was the best decision.  I wanted to walk by myself but I neded his support.  Man was I happy to have him by my side.  Glad I didn't walk solo after all.
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  • My husband and I walked down the aisle together. The whole time I was walking down the aisle I just had to keep telling myself not to pass out - it was a really hot day and our venue didn't have air conditioning - of course it was a billion degrees under my dress and my feet were killing me because we'd done photos before the ceremony all around the city and I'd been wearing 4" heels the whole time. I was very relieved my husband was there to lean on and even more relieved when we got to the end of the aisle!


  • My best friend/MOH walked me down the aisle.  The aisle was LONG, like, we had to walk about 300 feet to get from the venue/place where we were getting ready, just to GET to the aisle. And then the first part of the aisle was another 65 feet, and then we turned a corner to get to the ACTUAL aisle, which was 25 feet.

    We realized some geese were wandering on the first paved 300 feet, and we were really afraid there may have been fresh goose poop, so my DOC walked behind me and held my dress up until we got to the aisle runner on the grass.

    We hit the carpeted aisle runner, which I painstakingly searched for, since we were both going to be wearing heels, and I didn't want to sink through the runner and into the grass.  So, I bought this cool, rubber backed, carpeted aisle runner.  It did the trick, EXCEPT, it still can't even out uneven ground.  I was prepared for that, and I TOLD my BF/MOH to be prepared, but she wasn't.  We were two steps on to the grass, and she stumbled, and I had to catch HER and make sure she didn't fall.   We immediately burst out laughing.  All of the guests applauded the fact that I held her up.  I still couldn't see my partner yet, since everyone was standing, and I hadn't yet turned the corner. 

    But, here is a photo after the "catch" and us both cracking up.

    And... then, this was after she tripped the second time

    We finally turned the corner...   and this was when I saw my beloved for the first time (We didn't do a first look).

    and here is my partner and I walking away after the ceremony.  The flower girls ran up behind us and picked up my dress. 

  • Aw, I love the pic with the flower girls!
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