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I'm helping a friend of mine research wedding venues in the NC mountains. He would like a venue similar to this one: Do any of you have an idea where there are other venues like this? It'll be a smaller wedding with around 50 guests and they're hoping to have the venue location somewhere  between Adams and Boone. They're trying to plan the wedding from afar (and I live in NY!) so I thought I'd reach out to you in NC and see if you have any ideas. Thanks for the help!

Re: Venue Ideas

  • I looked at a bunch of these. Is it the area, the mansion-style of house, or the house rental to house family and host ceremony that he's looking for? For the last, just keep shopping around vrbo (set the filter to min # of rooms and then if the place is named, google the name. There's a lot more near Asheville and the Nantahala area than near Boone. (Where is Adams, btw? Close to Linville, maybe? Must be a small town; I don't remember hearing about it when I went to ASU.)

    I eventually crossed most off my list b/c the FI's one preference was "near water," but here are a couple I saw.

    Smoky Mountain Mansion (SW of Asheville)
    Prospect Hill Inn (Not a VRBO and technically in TN; reasonable rates though, beautiful area, and near Boone; includes some housing)
    Mountain Magnolia Inn (Not a VRBO; btwn Asheville and Boone; offers housing and reasonable inclusive package deals--e-mail them with number of guests and they'll give you an estimate)
    Bradley Creek Falls (On VRBO; sleeps 42; reasonable rates and in mountains but south of Asheville)

    PM me if you want more. I saw quite a few, though as I said, most aren't near Boone but are in the NC mountains. Also if you have an idea budget, that will help, because I crossed a few off my list for cost that might work for his wedding if he has a more gracious budget.
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