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I was wondering from all the ladies that already got married. Did you get a chance to sit down and enjoy the meal? I've heard a lot of brides and grooms don't get a chance to eat.

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  • We did eat but felt rushed. During the salad course, we had the toasts, and I felt odd scarfing down salad as everyone was watching us and we were being toasted. Then we got served dinner first but ate quickly so we could start table visits. Also, the only bite I got of our delicious cake, was sadly the one we fed each other. I am still grumpy about not getting any of our delicious cake :(

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  • Yes, we ate at our cocktail hour.   When it came time for dinner, we sat down to eat our salad quickly, then got up and went around thanking our guests.  When the main dinner came out, we sat down for about 10 minutes or so, then got up again thanking guests.  We also sat down to enjoy cake and coffee.  We had a sweetheart table and nobody bothered us when we were eating.
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    [QUOTE]I was wondering from all the ladies that already got married. Did you get a chance to sit down and enjoy the meal? I've heard a lot of brides and grooms don't get a chance to eat.
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    <div>I was way, way too wound up to eat. I hadn't been feeling hungry for several days before, either. <span style="font-size:11px;line-height:14px;">I wish I'd </span><em style="font-size:11px;line-height:14px;">felt </em><span style="font-size:11px;line-height:14px;">hungry, because the food looked really good (and, you know, cost significantly more than I usually spend on brunch)! Alas. Ended up going out to a local sub chain for dinner afterward with some VIPs though.</span></div><div><span style="font-size:11px;line-height:14px;">
    </span></div><div><span style="font-size:11px;line-height:14px;">If you're hungry, make sure you eat. If not--oh well!</span></div>
  • We had a sweetheart table, and were able to spend about 20 minutes there together for dinner.  We ate our entire soup and salad, and about half of our main dishes before we started visiting tables.  We didn't eat our slices of cake until the very end, when most guests had left.
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  • We did a first look and took most of our pics then. We did some family pics afterwards, a few more bride and groom, but then we snuck in and ate privately in the bridal suite. Our coordinator had it set up for us. It was quick, but we ate enough to fill up. After that, we were announced, and people were still eating while we danced. I was so glad for the private time with my new H, as well as getting a chance to eat a full meal.
  • NO, but for a different reason. 

    H and I sat at the "head table" by ourselves and it was soo wonderful to just sit and realx with him in private. But I had the flu.. So he got to enjoy his meal, I just couldn't eat mine.. haha ooooh well :o

  • Thanks for posting ladies!!
  • Yes, but not for long. My husband INSISTED we sit down at one point and eat. We were so grateful we at least went with a sweetheart table so that we could TRY to enjoy a little alone time. He even brough it up a couple days ago when I was sharing stories from here that not really being able to sit down and eat was the only thing he didn't like about our wedding. 
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  • We had a plated meal and ate, but people interrupted us constantly that I did not get to really taste the food.  We were doing pics during cocktail hour and keep hearing rave reviews about our apps, but never got to try them.  We also didn't get any cookies from our cookie bar, but my mom saved us a bunch for the next day.  I think I got a bite of cake in before being dragged off to dance.
  • When we went into cocktail hour, the venue staff had a sampler plate made up for us of all the cocktail food offerings. We had a few quite minutes together eating before we went to greet and talk with our guests. This was greatly appreciated and if you can do this, I'd highly recommend it. 

    I made sure to eat my full meal, all the courses, and not let myself get pulled away from enjoying it. Maybe that makes me a selfish bride, but H and I were really looking forward to the food and wanted to enjoy our dinner. We had plenty of time to spend time with our guests at the reception and I was happy that most people gave us some time alone at our sweetheart table to eat. 
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  • FI and I plan on being able to eat and enjoy our meal.  We both hate dancing, so I don't think either one of us will be rushing to greet guests so we can hit the dance floor, so I think we'll be able to eat and manage to greet everyone during the reception.
  • I had as much time as I needed/wanted to eat - DH on the other hand felt like he had to micromanage the buffet line so he didn't eat very much. It ended up being extremely hot on our wedding day though, so more than anything I was just constantly sucking down water and other hydrating beverages. I had literally one sip of wine as part of a toast, so I was upset I didn't get to even sample any of our special cocktails that we'd come up with...but that's life :)
  • We had plenty of time to eat our meal, but neither one of us had an appetite. I don't know if it was all of the nerves, the rushing around, or the whole out of body experience of the day.  But our entire wedding party ate a few bites of their food and were done.
  • I'm a slow eater and was extra cautious to avoid spilling on my dress so when my husband was done we immediately got started on talking to the tables and greeting everyone. I probably only finished about half my dinner, but I was too excited to really go hungry/ notice. 
  • We almost didn't eat at all because we were so busy greeting people and just talking while food was being served.

    My daughter's Godmother was the one that kinda "ordered us" to sit down and eat, she took care of greeting guests and talking to people. She was such great help; (on her own, nobody had any responsibilities)

    We also had a sweetheart table so it was nice to actually talk and look at each other at least.
  • We didn't get to eat.  We just never found the time.  The cake was amazing, but the only bite we got during the reception was just like Stage's wedding... the bite we fed to each other.  However, at the end of the reception, I walked back in the kitchen as staff was cleaning up, and I saw the demolished cake remains.  I picked up a clean pair of tongs and started eating cake with the tongs.  It was A-MAZING.
  • We got to enjoy our meals, and they were delicious!  If people wanted to talk to us while we were eating they came up to our table, but since it was a pretty small wedding we were able to at least say hi to everyone and eat our food!  We had to have our cake wrapped up after though because we were busy dancing while they passed out slices.  
  • I ate everything. We did a family style dinner, the head table was served first. We went & socialized before and after dinner but my bridal party & husband & DJ had been warned that if they didn't let me eat I would end up being a major B due to lack of food & my husband vouched for Our hall was wonderful, we had a dedicated server for our table who made sure I had everything I needed or wanted. I did miss app table because of saying hi to people before dinner, but I enjoyed my dinner. Just let you DJ/wedding party know & hopefully they'll respect your wishes.
  • We definitely ate a good meal. It was food from our favourite restaurant, so we weren't about to pass up the opportunity to dig in! We were first in line at the buffet and nobody bothered us at our sweet-heart table. When we finished eating, we went around and visited people at their tables. 
  • After hearing that so many didnt i was determined to make sure we ate. We had a cocktail server bring us drinks and apps during pictures. Then during the reception when each course was served a server came and found us to tell us we had been served. It was definately tough to sit, and where up in between courses so i suggest asking your cooridinator to make sure you are informed upon being served. I didnt eat my full plates by any means because i was a bundle of nerves but we made sure we enjoyed it none the less.
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    [QUOTE]I was wondering from all the ladies that already got married. Did you get a chance to sit down and enjoy the meal? I've heard a lot of brides and grooms don't get a chance to eat.
    Posted by shaygray88[/QUOTE]

    <div>Not really.  I got a plate of food but not really a chance to eat all of it.  But my SIL took the leftovers to her house where we were staying and we had some of it the next night for dinner.</div>
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    [QUOTE]Nope.  I got a chance to sit for about 10 minutes and I only managed to eat about 2 bites.
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    NOT GONNA HAPPEN!!! Im GONNA eat, even if i need to do so in the hospitality suite, and atleast make me a plate of everything for later...
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    [QUOTE]We definitely ate a good meal. It was food from our favourite restaurant, so we weren't about to pass up the opportunity to dig in! We were first in line at the buffet and nobody bothered us at our sweet-heart table. When we finished eating, we went around and visited people at their tables. 
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  • We sat down and ate a full meal together mostly uninterrupted. After we finished our meal we visited each table individually.
    We also ate a full piece of cake each.
  • We ate, or at least, he did. There were way too many nerves for me to eat my whole meal. But, we did have a "tasting" months beforehand where they served the entire meal (full servings!) to both of us at the venue, so we had that "date night" and cleaned the plates then.

    I didn't bother visiting with people until dinner was finished. They were eating too! I didn't want to interrupt (and risk a spill!). Those who left after dinner waited until I came around, and those who I knew would be sticking around I glossed over quickly and went back to later.
  • We talked beforehand about making sure that we eat the food - because we picked out venue knowing how amazing the food is! We had a buffet and were able to take a lot of food. We also did a receiving line at the ceremony, so we did not go around to each table at the reception, which I feel allowed us more time to enjoy the dancing and food! 
  • we are going to make sure we eat. if i dont eat i get headaches. we are making an announcement about it, we deserve to enjoy our meal as much as anyone else/ there will be lots of time to talk after our meal.
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  • Of course we ate!  Knowing that was the one big complaint from most brides I knew, I made sure we had time to enjoy our meal.  We took photos while our guests went on a trolley ride (we had a destination wedding) so by the time we got to the reception for cocktail hour, we were able to eat the appetizers while we visited with our guests. Of course, it helped that we didn't have 300 people there to greet.  We did manage to talk to everyone during cocktail hour so we got that out of the way, and I was very glad.

    Since it was such a small wedding, we opted not to go with a sweetheart table.  We were served right along with our guests and were able to chat with those at our table during dinner.  We had 1 server assigned only to us, and he basically forced us to eat - which was great since I'm a diabetic and it's not like I can opt not to eat, unless I want to end up passed out on the floor.  They even brought my and H's meals first, covered in a silver dome, and then served everyone else after our food had been presented.  Oh man, it smelled SO good, it was hard to wait for everyone else to be served before digging in!  lol

    Honestly, if you're paying all that money (and yes - they'll charge you for your meal even if you don't eat) then go ahead and build time into your schedule somehow to eat.  It will be a long and exhausting day and you'll need your energy.  Ask at your venue how they work it so that the bride and groom are guaranteed time to eat - they've done many weddings, I'm sure, and probably have good ideas for you.
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  • Yes we did!  We had stations and ate a little bit of everything!  I enjoyed everything my guests did!

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    honestly, time wise, i totally could have but I lose my appetite when I am super excited and pumped up, so I just couldn't even taste the food pretty much. I would take a bite (it was tasty) but I could not just seem to eat anything...

    I did eat some appetizers and then I couldn't really eat much due to lack of appetite after that! LOL...I am totally bummed about it, tooo

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