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  • We had pictures to finish up before the wedding party started getting changed(had gotten long dresses and long sleeve shirts before wedding got changed to outside-it was HOT). We told the DJ to let everyone eat(buffet). By the time we got to eat, I was basically rushed onto the dance floor for father daughter dances(2) and other things. I had only eaten a little and I didn't get to finish my dinner until the cake was served. It wouldn't have been as bad if we weren't rushing to get things done due to the heat and guests wanting to leave.
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  • We ate as much as we wanted!  The maitre d' brought us a plate with all of the hour dourves and plates from the stations while we were taking pictures.  As for the meal, we sat down and ate when everyone else did.  Honestly, I think it would have been more awkward to be walking around talking to people while they were sitting down eating.  We also had cake and drank plenty of wine.  As PP have said, let your wedding coordinator know you plan to eat, and they will make sure it happens.  We let our maitre d' know, and she was absolutely fantastic, and always made sure we both had a drink in our hands.  The food and open bar are expensive, the bride and groom should at least be able to enjoy it!
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