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Ideas for after our ceremony

We will be getting married in NYC at Central Park in September and we have our parents and 3 friends coming, our goal was to keep our wedding intimate. We are not from New York so I was hoping you ladies would have some suggestions on what we could do after our wedding as I am obviously not having a formal reception, I do want to take everyone who comes with us out for a fun night, maybe some dancing and good food. Suggestions? 

Re: Ideas for after our ceremony

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    What kind of food do you guys like?
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    I'm with KCharleton. I would finish out the wedding with a nice meal at a nearby restaurant. If you want something more unusual, how about a show on Broadway? Or a wine tasting? Or catching a game of one of the NYC sports teams? There are  all inclusive dinner cruises you can take, that take you all around Manhattan. It's food, drinks, and you don't have to rent out the whole boat, so it's just a per person fee. There are museums you could visit. There are a million things. Food + tourist fun seems like a cool thing, though.
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