Tendenza wedding price

Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew the Wedding prices at tendenza in Philadelphia? We're planning on a December wedding with about 150 people. And does anyone know what the price includes (cake, alcohol, etc. )

Re: Tendenza wedding price

  • I believe they are about $155 includes dinner and alcohol. However contact them as they give different rates on what day and time of year. I heard back from them within 24 hours.

    But another friend got marreid at Vie and they apparently nickel and dime you for everything outside of the standard package.
  • The beautiful thing about Cescaphe's pricing (including Tendenza & Vie) is that it is ALL INCLUSIVE! It includes the 6 hour open bar, top of the line cocktail hour, crazy dessert display, wedding cake, any choice of entree, TAX & GRAT!!.. when you look at their package compared how how other venues price theirs, it's a no brainer!! 
  • Friday $145, Saturday $160 and Sunday $140 is what I got quoted.
  • Thank you! We decided against Tendenza bc it was too small. I did like how they included everything in their price. I am looking at One Atlantic right now and nothing is included in their price. They charge extra for everything. 
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