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So my husband and I got married almost 4 weeks ago and we're still waiting for our professional pictures to get to us in order to make our photo Thank You cards. However, we didn't tip all of the vendors at the wedding and we were planning to send them a thank you card along with a check. Especially the photographers cause we wanted to base their tip amount on how good the photos will be and how promptly we're going to get them. If we get the photos in the next 2 weeks as promised, it will be at least another week or two before we get the cards. So about 2 months after the wedding we'd have the cards in our hands. Is this too late to send the tips?Also, on the same note, which vendors should we have tipped? And is 10% the standard?

Re: Vendor Tips

  • it's over...forget about it.
  • You withheld the tips for photo thank you's?  Please, do NOT skip tipping these people because your photographer is running late.  Gratuity money is often living expenses for the employees.  You wouldn't withhold tipping your waitress for good service, so no, there is no such thing as too late here. Standard is 18-20%.  ALL of DD's vendors (except flower lady, paid for by her IL's, don't know what they did) were tipped 20%.  They all gave excellent service.
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