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What advice do you have to give other brides about their shoe selection? Heel or no heel? Amount of $$$ to spend? What is the most comfortable type of wedding shoe to wear?

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  • Im a heel girl all the way. So I couldnt not get heeled shoes for the wedding. My shoes were 3 1/2. They were by Nina and were pink. They did end up starting to hurt my feet later on in the night. But I just sucked it up. I really wanted to get a designer pair of shoes...but im glad that I didnt.
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  • well DH is only an inch taller than I am, so I went with a very low-heeled sandal.  spent $40 at for lavendar snakeskin sandals that I really like.  and I test drove them at work for two days before the wedding to make sure they were not 30 minute shoes.  wore them all day and was fine. 
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  • I tried on sooooo many pairs of shoes!  I swear, boxes from Zappos were being delivered every day!  I finally chose a pair of Jack Roberts 2.5" heels with a slingback that were super comfy and only cost $100.  I knew we would be doing a lot of dancing so comfort was key.  I was also leary of spending a lot of money on designer shoes as friends had warned me that they can get pretty dingy throughout the course of the day (outdoor pics, etc).  I brought a back-up pair of shoes along to the reception - just in case - but never needed them.
  • It all depends on your personal preference.  My DH is only a few inches taller than me so I decided to wear a heel that was about 2.5" high (because I definitely wanted to add a little bit of height but not too much).  It turned out to be a good thing because my feet killed me on the wedding day.  If the heels were any higher than that, I think I would have been crying from the pain... lol.  I couldn't spend a ton of money on my shoes so I just paid $50 for a pair of dyeables.  I thought they were really cute, but they weren't as comfortable as they could have been. 
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  • I did flipflops for a couple reasons. 1. DH and I are the exact same height, and I didn't want to be taller than him. 2. Wedding ceremony and reception were outside. and 3. I unfortunately have wide feet, and can never find shoes that feel/fit right for them.
  • I wore beautiful heels during ceremony and then changed into white hightops afterwards. I had a hoop under the dress so I didn't step on it when I went to flatter shoes. Both looked very cute.
  • I'm 5'3" and my FI is 5'7". I dont want to get heals that are too high. So, I'm getting heals that are either 1 1/2" or 2". I dont want to be taller than him, especially at the ceremony! Plus, this will be so much more comforable for me. I know I'm going to be doing lots of walking and dancing and my dress is heavy too! I def dont wanna be hard on my feet on that day. B/c if my feet hurt, I'm groucy! LoLBut any case, I've tried on some shoes and I'm probably going for a white with open toe and not to many straps. Something simple. As for $$$ I dont know... I wouldnt go over $150.
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