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Has anybody ...

....ever had success selling a wedding dress on any of these sites:

The sites that list for free are so overloaded that your listing gets lost in the frey.  And my dress didn't cost enough to justify me paying extra to list/sell it. I guess it would be worth it for a high-end designer dress, which mine is not.  

Just curious.  TIA!  :-)

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Re: Has anybody ...

  • I sold a wedding dress on Tradesy.  It was a very easy experience.  It did take a while and I almost missed the sale.  I got an email notification that got buried.  LOL!  Anyway, it was a super easy transaction for both myself and the buyer.  I used PayPal.  It is a site that I highly recommend and will use again to sell my items.  

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  • Im still debating if im going to sell my dress.... Havent really decided yet. 

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