Mini Alcohol Bottles in Bulk?

I would love to do a mini-alcohol bottle as our favor, and since 99% of our guest list are adults I think it would be an awesome favor and would be much preferred to something that has our monogrammed initials/something else cheesy that no one will ever use. 

Does anyone have any suggestions for a credible website that sells mini-alcohol bottles in bulk? My first google attempts are not working out too well. There are some sites, but nothing that seems credible. If I could have ANY kind of mini liquor bottle I would love to have Patron Silver and I am looking to buy about 150 bottles. BevMo only has 18 in stock online available for shipping!!

I know I have lot's of time but I want to know if this is even feasible/worth my time before I start running around on a wild goose chase. 
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Re: Mini Alcohol Bottles in Bulk?

  • We're ordering ours from a local liquor store chain (Friar Tuck's).  You can buy them individually or a case (120 bottles) for 10% off.  I checked a grocery store and they could also sell them but with no bulk discount.
  • Call local liquor stores and ask for a bulk price.  Keep a list and then pick the one that offers the best price.  If you have two/more stores that are local competitors, don't be afraid to say "I called ABC Liquors, they priced an order for xxx bottles of xyz at $____.  Can you beat that?"  They may be willing to do so to make the sale.  The detail here is to stop looking online and to pick up a phone.
  • My .02 is always have a backup plan. I have been trying to get my favors finalized for the past 3 months and it might look like the grocery store we're getting them from might not be able to get the shipment in time. They are the cheapest option so of course we are holding out, but I know I can go to the local Total Wine and buy from there for Plan B.

    Pick up a phone and call all the stores in your area that may carry it. Also, don't hesitate to call different stores within a company. Different stores have different prices based off demo and supply/demand


  • Great ideas!! Thanks!
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  • I would definitely check out local liquor stores, but you can also check out wineweddingfavors.com
    Not sure exactly what liquors they have, but I think its a decent selection, as well as wine, champagne & apple cider. They also include personalized labels for free. We're doing wine favors, and are between two different ones. The one is basically the same price online or in store, and online we get the labels. The other one isn't available on  the website, so if we go with that we have to buy our own labels/tags so it might end up costing a little more.
  • Even if BevMo doesn't have them online, if you go to any BevMo and ask they can order boxes for you of whatever you want. 

    --- Former BevMo Employee
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