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Do you think it's too late for me to book a videographer?

Hello all,

Originally when planning my wedding and nailing down a budget, I wasn't sold on the idea of having a videographer. It seemed like an unnecessary expense to me. However, the more I look into it, the more posts I come across from other brides who have said that one of their biggest regrets was not having a videographer there to capture the big day. We've managed to cut a lot of costs on our budget and actually have the money available to hire one, but now I'm worried that I waited too long. My wedding is May 16th - do you think most videographers will be booked by now? I've emailed a few so far that I'm interested in but am still waiting to hear back on if they're available still on my date. I would hate to think that I've dragged my feet too long and possibly missed out on this chance. Other brides, when in the wedding planning process did you nail down your videographer? Thanks for any replies!

Re: Do you think it's too late for me to book a videographer?

  • You never know till you ask...hopefully you find one you like who is available.

    I booked mine about 7 months out, but it was not a Saturday. My guy is very good and books up pretty quick. But it seems videog divvy book as quick as venues and djs bc they are considered "must have" vendors by everyone.

    GL! :)
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  • We decided to use a wedding video app called WeddingMix. My friend used it at her wedding last March. The video was full of fun footage plus it's pretty affordable. The idea is that family and friends capture all the fun and unexpected memories.  Super Cool!
  • honestly it depends on what you want to spend. surely there is a great video in Wisconsin who is available on your date if no one else is. I'm flying mine in from Missouri since I wanted one later in the game as well
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  • Luckily we were able to find one that was still available on our date, and he's great. I'm so relieved, I think I really would have regretted not having video of the day.

    thesilverbride - are you by chance playing WoW in your signature picture there, in your wedding dress? If so - mad props to you lmao!
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