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What Color Should the MOMS Wear?

Hi Guys, 

So here is what I am having a problem with right now - I am not sure what color my mom and my FMIL should be wearing. It's not just my decision, but the three of us cannot figure out what a nice complimentary color would be. 

My colors are Plum and Gold and my dress is more of an ivory/champagne color. 

Both my mom and FMIL are being super laid back and about it and just want to pick colors that wont clash. 

Any advice?? 

Thanks <3 

Re: What Color Should the MOMS Wear?

  • Navy blue! Lots of dresses come in navy blue and it's perfect for late fall.  
  • I second navy as well! My colours are also plum with pink and gold accents, and I think my Mom is looking for a navy dress.
  • OH!! What a great idea, navy would look stunning!!!

    I didnt think about navy!

  • My girls are wearing our moms are having the same talk FMIL is talking about an emerald green...and my mom is very up in the air and says she will figure it out once she finds her dress.  But with a plum dress navy would look amazing.
  • My girls are also wearing navy.  I'm steering my mom towards either plum, burgundy, dark green or gray (although the guys will be wearing gray so I'm still not sure) 
  • I love the idea of navy and plum so classy!!!

    @klk111415 with gray suits I dont think a gray dress would be a problem. I think it might look really nice! 

  • @jrothstein101 Thanks!! I'm going to look more into that.  My mom recently found a dress that would look beautiful on her in that color!
  • lbailey886lbailey886 South Carolina member
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    My colors are black, white, and red, and my mom is wearing Navy. It's a beautiful color and I didn't think things needed to be matchy... But then again, I'm also not telling fmil what she should wear.
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    The moms can where anything. They are not in the bridal party. Whatever looks good on them. We're having a rustic wedding so I'm hoping everyone is casual. My mom seen a pic of my dress and she said she would be underdressed in a western dress. I told her wear what you want.
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  • @Denise40 - I agree to a certain extent! The only thing I'm trying to avoid is my mom wearing the same color as the bridal party.  I was in my best friend's wedding and she picked out a beautiful gray lace dress for the bridesmaids.  Her future sister in law took her FMIL dress shopping and picked out an almost identical dress in the same length (only difference was FMIL's dress had short sleeves)  She honestly looked like a bridesmaid! The Bride was sooo not happy about that!   
  • Denise40Denise40 Montgomery County, Tx member
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    @klk111415‌ that makes sense. I don't blame you
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  • It was awful, LOL!
  • My colors are plum and gold too! My bridesmaids are in plum satin ball gowns and my mom will be wearing a silky gold dress to compliment, but not match!
  • rward519 that would gorgeous - we are going to look at bridesmaid dresses this weekend - 

    Can you show me what you got?? Did your mother find hers too? My mom too said she wants to try and find a gold toned dress. I think it would look awesome! 
  • This past weekend, my mom was in town and I took her and my future MIL dress shopping. I assured them they could do this on their own time, without me, and pick what they wanted, but they preferred to make a girls' day out of it since my mom was visiting and the two of them get along very well. They both ended up purchasing beautiful dresses in colors I didn't even consider, and that go well together.

    My MIL chose this dress in mahogany with silver embroidery along the shoulder:


    And my mom chose this dress in the blue that is shown:


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