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Mother of Bride and Mother of Groom Outfits

Will is look odd to have the mother of the bride & groom in the same color dress but different shade?  Both picked out a blue dress, one navy, one a more bright blue.  My wedding colors are dark purple and grey.  I said they could wear whatever color they wanted, I'm just worried its going to look odd that they're in similar colors.  Opinion please!  What did you do?

Re: Mother of Bride and Mother of Groom Outfits

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    If they both picked dresses that they love then that is all that matters.  Just because they are in the same color family has no bearing on anything.

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    For my sister's wedding, her MIL wore beige and Mom wore dark taupe.  Dad was in his red dress uniform, but everyone else (FIL, groomsmen, bridesmaids) were all in shades of tan.  It looked beautiful.

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    It will be fine. They will not clash and they will look beautiful.

    Also, why is this in Favors? Do you want me to move this?

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  • Yes, please move it or let me know how to!  I swear I changed it when I posted it but I guess something went wrong!
  • I ended up just re-posting it in the correct forum.  Thanks for the heads up!
  • I moved this to attire and accessories :)

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  • Nope, it won't look odd at all. They're not in the wedding party and can wear whatever they want.

    My colors were ivory, navy and an accent of bright green. My mom wore a pretty formal blue-ish purple dress and my MIL wore a more casual yellow dress. They both looked great.

  • FWIW, my mom and FMIL got dresses in the same color, different fabrics, and they look great next to each other. They didn't realize they'd picked the same colors until they came out of the dressing room and they loved what they were wearing, so they happen to coordinate and that's fine! :)
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