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Centerpiece place mat size

Hi everyone!

I need some help.

I am making almost like place mats for our center pieces to sit on, any idea what size they should be? 

Tables will be a mix of 60 and 70 inch round. (seating 8-12)

(There will be a hurricane lamp, 3 small votive candles, a picture frame and a small vase of flowers in the center)

example of what I'm thinking in the pic below

Re: Centerpiece place mat size

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    Our venue provided a mirror centerpiece base - round, with a diameter of 16". We had about that much stuff on it, and it looked good. 16" would be a good diameter for a round placemat.
  • Are you thinking about table runners (which is what your picture looks like), or something smallish for the centerpiece to sit on?
  • Awesome, thank you.  

    I am thinking something smallish for the centerpiece and everything else that will be on the table (picture frame, hurricane lamp, and shallow vase of flowers) to sit on.
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