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Not a PPD or renewal, maybe an anniversary party??

So we got married last August and the day poured rain so bad that many guests didn't show and it made our already pretty small wedding really small. (Tornado weather actually) so basically my pictures stink from all being inside a weirdly lit church and I have a lot of family that is pretty upset they weren't invited in the first place. I don't see a point in doing a 1 year vow renewal but I am thinking about throwing a laid back like "anniversary party"? No poofy, white dress, no vows, no wedding festivities, but more like my husband and I dressing up and good food and music with our family and friends with yes, a photographer to get those family pictures we didn't get. I feel like that sounds terrible. I know we can go get pictures made anytime ourselves, but I also feel like inviting family and friends to join in would be fun with great people. Is this a bad idea?
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Re: Not a PPD or renewal, maybe an anniversary party??

  • I think as long as you're honest about what this party is (which you've said you will be), and it's not a wedding recreation (which you've said it won't be) then you're good! Sounds like fun to me.

  • I guess I'm just feeling reservations about it because 1. I'm really sad about not getting good family pictures and having everyone there that I would have loved celebrating with and I don't want to regret anything about the day but I hate how the weather changed plans so drastically and 2. I've never really heard of anniversary parties. I usually hear about a couple taking an anniversary trip.
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    I think you should listen to your gut on this.  Even though your party would not resemble a wedding reception, you still feel ill at ease with it. 

    Many people have had imperfect weddings and they are happy because at the end of the day, they married their SO.  Focus on the fact that you married your H and not all the things that went wrong with your wedding day.

    The wedding industry has put pictures in all bride's minds that the wedding day is the most perfect day in the history of mankind.  It's not.  I think a wedding day is perfect if the B&G get married.  There are always things beyond our control, the weather being one of them.  You could plan this big party with photographer and the weather may still not cooperate with you.  What will happen then?

  • You can have as many parties as you wish.  They can be formal or informal.  As long as you don't try to make them a re-do wedding, you are fine.
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    If you want to have an anniversary party, you should have one. If you don't, don't. But don't do it just for the sake of getting pictures with family. 
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